What’s The First Thing You Notice In a Man?

After all this time, you men still don’t seem to know the answer to some of your most burning questions about women.  So here I am to help you!

One of those questions, which I have heard time and time again, is this: “What is the very first thing a woman notices about my appearance?”

You would think at least a few of you guys would know the answer to this by now.  Men have only been trying to get women to notice them for billions of years.

It actually makes sense, though.  Because there isn’t really a definitive answer.

You probably have a certain aspect of your appearance that stands out.  Maybe it’s your bright blue eyes or your unique sense of style.  That’s what we’re noticing.  So here’s what you do if you want to get even more positive female attention:  you accentuate that feature.

Here are some specific ways to amplify your best feature:

  • Eyes, smile or other facial features:  Clean up that face!  Whiten your teeth, shave off that scruff, do whatever is necessary to draw more attention to that beautiful face of yours.  Make sure you exfoliate daily.
  • Hair:  If your hair is your best quality, take extra special care of it.  Pick out a shampoo specifically designed for your hair type, and maybe try out a new hairstyle every so often.  Ask your hair dresser if there is anything else you can do to make it look even better.
  • Style:  Go even further with your personal style.  Guys with style are really appealing, and usually kind of hard to find.  The point here is, if you have a unique style, you will definitely have ladies coming after you.  Amping it up a little will definitely help.  Stylish guys are very attractive.
  • Bod:  Show it off a little more.  Don’t be too revealing (douchey territory), but it’s okay to wear a tighter shirt.  We really enjoy that.

Of course, by telling you to accentuate your best feature I am not telling you to neglect the other parts of your body.  So don’t stop brushing your teeth if you have awesome hair.  That’s probably obvious, but just in case you weren’t sure I wanted to leave a little reminder.

Good luck!