Thinning Hair Vs. Going Bald – Ask A Woman

Question: Do you prefer a main to let his hair thin or shave it all off?

Answer: This one is a little trickier to answer because I don’t have a clear-cut preference. It totally depends on the type and amount of thinning, as well as how good or odd the particular person looks bald. Some guys’ thinning hair is sort of weird-looking; if you’re more bald than not, I say off with it! And other men just wouldn’t look right with zero hair on their head; in these cases, work with what you got and try to keep it as long as possible.

My sweetheart’s hair is thinning at the crown of his head, but is abundant enough in other areas, so it doesn’t look lacking.  If he hasn’t gotten a cut for a couple of months, the sides and back of his hair start growing out a little longer creating what I like to call a “bald man’s flat top.” When that starts to happen, I usually suggest a haircut. The imbalance of hair length irks me. Down the road, if his hair continues to thin, he might consider going bald. Of course I’d be supportive, but I can’t promise I’d be thrilled.

I once dated a guy with a bald spot the size of a tennis ball right in the back of his head. For the first few dates, I guess he never had his back to me, because I never noticed it. Then one day, BAM! Can’t miss it—a gaping hole in the center of what otherwise was a full head of hair. That relationship didn’t last long (not because of the bald spot), but if it had, I might have eventually recommended a butch cut.

Whether want to stick it out until the end, or quit while you’re ahead, I do know one thing. Either of these options are way better than always wearing a hat. My brother-in-law is one of those constant hat-wearers, and it’s always a big shock when he has to suddenly take the hat off (like the time my dad angrily insisted he take his hat off at Christmas dinner, even though Rick had been eating Christmas dinner with us for five years without prior complaint). When that happens, I have a hard time not staring at his bald head when we’re talking, because it’s such a foreign sight to me. But the truth is, if he were proud of his shiny top and exposed it to the elements more often, seeing it wouldn’t be a big deal at all.

My masseuse, while massaging my scalp, noticed my hair follicles were smaller at the top of my forehead. If I didn’t want thinning hair up there, he said, I had better start massaging the area for ten minutes every day.  So, now, every day for ten minutes you will catch me rubbing my scalp in a circular motion with Jamaican Black Castor Oil greased onto my fingers. And don’t tell my boyfriend, but my loving strokes through his hair have a somewhat ulterior motive these days.

Guest Post:

Lola Houlettes is a film grad from NYU who enjoys video-making, music-making, writing, sewing– basically anything creative. She’s an interesting paradox between book-worm and social butterfly. Her ideal man is tall, dark, handsome, funny, and well-groomed!