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Artistic Helmets: Oregon Manifest X ARTCRANK Partner for “The Bike Design Project”

Oregon Manifest announced its partnership with international bike poster show ARTCRANK to create one-of-a-kind helmet designs as part of The Bike Design Project. This pioneering competition pairs top design firms from Chicago, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle with American bicycle craftsmen to create “The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike.”

Artistic Helmets: Oregon Manifest X ARTCRANK Partner for “The Bike Design Project”

“It’s exciting to have ARTCRANK as partner for this year’s competition,” said Shannon Holt, Oregon Manifest co-founder. “This is an opportunity that will not only unite artists with the bicycle community, but will aid the organizations working to make cycling safer and empowering.”

Artistic Helmets: Oregon Manifest X ARTCRANK Partner for “The Bike Design Project”

The following ARTCRANK artists have been chosen to represent their city in designing custom, hand-painted helmets for The Bike Design Project:

  • Chicago: Justin Nottke
  • New York City: Meera Lee Patel
  • Portland: Brad Simon
  • San Francisco: Jessica Henry
  • Seattle: Ellis Latham-Brown

“Giving independent artists and designers a forum to share their talents with a wider audience is something that I take a great deal of personal pride and satisfaction in,” says Charles Youel, founder and creative director of ARTCRANK. “The artists participating in this project have created iconic bike poster art for our shows, and I can’t wait to see what they do with helmets as a medium.”

Beginning today helmet designs will be released weekly leading-up to each city’s July 25th bike reveal party. Still photos and “making of” videos displaying behind-the-scenes footage of each artist’s creative process will be shown online at

The custom helmets created by the artists will be raffled off to benefit each of the below bike advocacy partners of The Bike Design Project:

  • Chicago:  Working Bikes
  • New York City: Transportation Alternatives
  • Portland: Community Cycling Center
  • Seattle: Bike Works
  • San Francisco: Pedal Revolution / New Door Ventures

Starting on July 28th, the public will be able to vote for their favorite bike design on the Oregon Manifest website. The winning bike design will be mass-produced and made available for retail by Fuji Bikes — The Bike Design Project’s manufacturing partner.

For more information about this partnership, The Bike Design Project or Oregon Manifest, please visit


Oregon Manifest exists to celebrate and amplify bike craft, design and innovation. They provide an independent innovation platform for designers, engineers, craftsmen and makers to collaboratively develop bike designs that can expand transportation options for the everyday citizen. They are a nonprofit organization that values the process of making, the spirit of ingenuity, and the passion of brave undertakings.


ARTCRANK is a poster show about bicycles dedicated to making art as accessible as bikes are, and using creativity to change the way people think about cycling. Through live events featuring local artists, design collaborations, and social media conversations, ARTCRANK connects people around the world with the power of bikes, art and doing good. Find out more at