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How To Tell If You Are Wearing Too Much Cologne

Wearing too much cologne can be just as smelly as BO (if not moreso), so it is important to learn how to apply your fragrance properly. Not only could you be annoying people by wearing too much cologne, but you could actually be harming them. Many people are allergic to certain fragrances, so you never know who you will be bothering if you apply too much cologne. Read on for further tips on applying just the right amount of your signature scent.

How to apply
The key phrase when applying cologne is “less is more.” Most colognes are very strong and linger for hours after their initial application. To apply a proper amount of cologne, spray the cologne once or twice away from you and walk into it. Do NOT spray it directly on yourself, and certainly do not spray it directly onto your clothes. It will reek. If you use cologne that you need to dab on rather than spray, use one finger and dab it very lightly above your collarbone.

Too much?
If you can still smell your cologne fifteen minutes to a half hour after applying it, you are most likely wearing too much. Ask someone what they think if you’re worried about it. This will save you a whole lot of agony later because you won’t have to hear your mom or girlfriend whine about it for fifteen minutes.

How to fix it
If you do find that you have applied too much cologne, the easiest thing to do is to change your clothes. This is not always convenient, possible or necessary though. For another solution, try making a paste of baking soda and water and rubbing it over the area where the fragrance was applied. After washing the paste away, you should smell a little better.