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Are You Unsatisfied With Your Relationship? Here’s How To Improve It

When we’re kids, we believe fairy tales about how meeting the one person we’re destined to fall in love and spend eternity with is a given and it’s all going to work out perfectly. Even as adults, most movies show that everything in life gets sorted when you fall in love with someone. There is some truth to that in the sense that going through life is much easier when you have the love of your partner by your side. What most fairy tales and movies don’t tell us is that relationships aren’t easy, and they need a lot of work.

Sometimes life can affect your relationship, and there will be times when you’re unhappy with it. There are many reasons for this, and there’s no need to panic when you find yourself in a bit of a rough patch with your partner. The good news is there are ways to get back to how things used to be with your partner when you first started dating. If you’re unsatisfied with your relationship, here’s how to improve things and find the happiness you deserve.

Talk with Your Partner

One of the main reasons we start becoming unhappy in a relationship is that we don’t communicate with our partners. We sometimes assume they already know something is wrong, so there’s no point talking about it, which is not right. Your partner probably feels something is off too, but you need to have a conversation with them. Bottling feelings makes things grow out of proportion and creates bigger issues that may cause this feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

The conversation alone may not fix the issue that’s causing what you’re feeling, but it will definitely help you both figure out where the problem is and find ways to fix it. You need to be completely honest with each other, even if you think what you’re about to say may hurt their feelings. Remember that being unhappy with your relationship is far more hurtful than whatever you have to say.

Listen to Them and Try New Things Together

Just because you’ve been together for a long time doesn’t mean you know everything your partner wants or needs. Give yourselves the chance to actually ask each other what you both need. Being emotionally connected to your partner is one of the basic milestones in your relationship, but so is the physical connection.

The tricky part about the physical connection is that you learn as you go. This is why you both need to make sure you take the time and ask each other about what you enjoy most, and whether there’s anything either of you would love for the other to do. Some couples explain on that they thought it was too embarrassing to talk about what they enjoy or would love their partner to bring to their physical relationship. They realized that there’s nothing embarrassing about wanting your needs met. In fact, it helped them connect on a deeper level both physically and emotionally.

See a Couples’ Therapist

There’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help to make your relationship work. Sometimes all you need is a professional to guide you and help you point out the problem. Couples’ therapy has actually helped a lot of people save their relationship, or learn the reason why they’re unhappy with each other and find the solution. Therapy can also help you figure out what you’re doing wrong, and what you need to work on as individuals as well as a couple. It’s a healthy step that shows how invested and committed you both are to each other and to what you have together.

Find a Fun Activity to Do Together

Because life is too stressful, the reason you’re having relationship issues may be that you need to add some spice to your lives. This spice can be an activity that you and your partner would enjoy doing together. If you like painting, you can both sign up for an art class, or maybe cook together, go hiking or running—anything that you can both enjoy doing together.

Take a Little Break

This can either mean taking a break together or from each other. Sometimes the problem is that you spend too much time together, so each of you needs their own space. It’s sometimes healthy to focus on yourself for a little bit, then get back to your partner to be a stronger “us”. You may realize life has been so stressful lately that you need to take a little break together. Maybe go away for a weekend and focus solely on having fun, relaxing days. All you need is to figure out which type of break you need.

Surprise Your Partner with Something New

Sometimes the reason you’re unhappy is that you both have gotten into a dull routine and you might benefit from doing something romantic for each other. You can start by surprising your partner with something you know they’ll love. It can be anything, either a present you know they wanted for a while, a surprise date night—or whatever brings a little spontaneity back into your partnership.

Assess Your Relationship

Are you sure the relationship is worth saving? The issue may be that your relationship is not right, to begin with. Maybe the reason you’re both not happy is that you aren’t right for each other. It doesn’t mean that either of you is a bad person; you’re just not the right match. This is not an easy step, and it may break your heart for a bit, but if it’s the right thing to do, you need to do it.


Finding a partner to love and spend your life with is one of the most amazing things that can happen to anyone. Keeping the relationship alive and healthy takes some work, unlike what many movies present. Meeting the person you love is just the beginning of your journey together. You’ll definitely face some difficulties throughout different stages, and that’s actually a sign that your relationship is growing. Give your love the attention it deserves to find the happiness you’ve always been looking for.