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Are You Making These Vacation Planning Mistakes?

Who doesn’t enjoy vacations? Time away from the daily grind of life is a necessary part of physical and emotional rejuvenation. Sadly, too many make mistakes during the planning stages and end up not getting the most out of their journeys. Consider the fact that forgetting to pack one essential item can put a damper on an otherwise exciting getaway. Of course, a major component of a less-than-perfect trip is overreliance on credit cards. Other potential pitfalls include not doing enough research on your destination’s crime rate, overlooking essential details until a few days before departure, packing too many things, not hunting for bargains and group discounts, and more. Here are some actionable facts about the most frequent vacation planning missteps people make.

Relying on Credit Cards

Unfortunately, many run up their credit card bills when they go on vacation. It’s a fact that is almost counterintuitive when you stop to think of alternatives. Taking out a personal loan is nearly always a smarter and much cheaper way to finance a journey, near or far. Applying for personal loans is a quick and easy affair these days, with the online process taking just a few minutes. Loans tend to offer much lower interest rates and longer time to pay compared to the average credit card. Plus, when you repay a loan according to the agreement, it’s possible to boost personal credit scores at the same time.

Not Learning About Your Destination’s Crime Rate

Nobody likes to think about becoming the victim of a crime during an otherwise pleasant holiday excursion. But crime is a fact of life. People put themselves at a disadvantage when they neglect to research the crime rates of the cities where they’ll be residing for a week or two. The good news is that there are several excellent websites that evaluate locations based on various crime categories. Take an hour or two to find out how to minimize your chance of being involved in a dangerous situation while away from home.

Ignoring Important Details Until the Last Minute

Don’t leave critical items until the day before departing. That means paying attention to chores like pet care, having plants watered, finding someone to watch over your house, and setting up a mail delay with the postal service. If you need to garage a car while away on a long trip, find a place you can store the vehicle. Check to see that all lights are out, major appliances unplugged, and at least one trusted person knows how to contact you while you’re on vacation.

Not Searching for Bargains and Special Deals

While the price of almost everything has gone up in the past year, travel included, there are some effective ways to save big on excursions of all kinds. Try booking hotels and flights several months in advance for large discounts. Early-bird payments on tours and special side trips are also up for grabs. Additionally, consider traveling with a group to cut down on the total cost of a vacation. Many travel agents can help you sign up for group-oriented tours to local and international destinations.