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Skylink HomeControl App Allows Mobile Devices To Control Home Electronics

We know they let you watch TV on the go, surf online, send emails and, oh yeah, make phone calls, but an innovative new tool now also gives you the power to use your mobile device to switch on any light in your home, open your garage door or turn on any other piece of electronic equipment, no matter where you’re located. Technology firm The Skylink Group – which previously introduced Skylink HomeControl, an affordable and easy-to-use system to wirelessly control your entire house – recently launched a mobile application, Skylink HomeControl App, that effectively turns your smartphone, tablet or PC into a remote control. The handy app allows users to control just about anything in their home with the touch of a couple buttons on a virtual keypad, which can be customized to the specific devices they want to be able to access remotely.

“Anyone who already understands how to use a mobile device or a computer tablet will be able to use this app easily. That’s the key to getting the greatest benefit from new technologies – making them easy to understand and user friendly,” says Philip Tsui, CEO and the Chairman of Skylink Group.

The Skylink HomeControl System is designed for do-it-yourselfers and uses control modules which can be wired out of sight and wireless receivers plugged into wall outlets or lamp sockets, even wall switches and dimmers which replace your existing wall switches. For professionals, the Skylinkhome Wireless Control System has modules with three wires that can be installed almost anywhere.


The Wireless Control System can be used to control anything electronic, including:

  • Lamps
  • Coffee makers
  • Fans
  • Stereos
  • Fire places
  • Ceiling fans
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Garage doors
  • Security systems
  • Countless other electronic devices and appliances

For those who may not have a smartphone or computer tablet, Skylink has a remote control – the credit card-sized SkylinkPad – which can be used to wirelessly control devices in your house. In addition to convenience, the Skylink HomeControl System helps users realize significant energy savings. With the touch of a button, you can shut off all of your lights or set up motion sensors to work with the system. The wireless system also uses timers to ensure that lights and electronic equipment can be shut off when they’re not needed. Dimmers also reduce energy usage, contributing to a greener environment and lower electricity bills.

About Skylink Group

The Skylink Group understands the needs and concerns of the homeowner in providing a safe and comfortable environment for their family whether they are at home or away. Established in 1990, Skylink Group operates out of Brampton, Ontario. Please visit for more information, find us on Facebook and on Twitter at @skylinkhome.