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Aftertreatment Parts Superstore Offering Top of the Line Products

DPF Parts Direct is an exclusively online aftertreatment parts superstore that carries a wide range of products for all diesel particulate filter needs. Established in 2017, this growing DPF giant offers their customers access to feature products that range from v-clamps to elite NOx sensors. The DPF Parts DIrect team works tirelessly to provide customers with quality aftertreatment products in an efficient and reliable manner to fast track their customers back on the road.

Product Inventory

This superstore’s website breaks down their products by aftertreatment parts, equipment, diesel engines and parts, and online specials making shopping for specific needs a seamless process. DPF Parts Direct constantly maintains a large inventory of DPFs, DOCs, v-clamps, weld bungs, gaskets, sensors, DPF cleaning equipment and many more products. These products can also be viewed by their large variety of brands, such as Redline Emissions Products, Durafit, Skyline, Filtertherm, and EcoClean. DPR Parts Direct pairs with Diesel Emissions Service, one of the largest resellers and installers of Emission Control Devices in North America, providing access to everything from DPF cleanings, aftertreatment diagnostics, diesel repair, retrofits, to training.

Cleaning Equipment

DPF Parts Direct carries a top of the line DPF cleaning machine brand, Filterherm. The Filtertherm line of DPF cleaning equipment. Filtertherm offers turnkey package solutions for almost every budget as well as individual units to enhance customer’s current operation. Having this line of cleaning equipment allows DPF Parts Direct customers to have access to DPF replacement parts and cleaning systems all from the same trusted source.

NOx Sensors

Among DPF Parts Direct’s inventory are Redline Emissions Products. The Redline Emissions Products carries NOx sensors for heavy duty and light duty applications. NOx sensors can range from $250 to $750 depending on make and the application of the sensor. NOx sensors have been used in the LD / HD diesel engine market with the introduction of urea/SCR aftertreatment, primarily starting with engine year 2010. All Redline Emissions Products© NOx sensors are sourced from proven manufacturers that not only test the software, but test all internal wiring connections on the sensor head. Redline Emissions Products© NOx sensors stand apart as an aftertreatment brand with superior quality control measures. This gives customers peace of mind that DFP Parts Direct products will exceed all OEM comparative components.

DPF Parts Direct provides customers with exclusive access to cutting edge products that make a difference in their automotive uses. Customers feel comfortable going to DPF Parts Direct for their aftertreatment parts because of the company’s desire to provide maximum customer satisfaction. DPF Parts DIrect continues to listen to their customer’s needs and goes the extra mile to keep their line of products exceptional.