The government shut down has officially ended – but that didn’t stop a period of out-of-work public employees, and the country as a whole getting the economic shaft. This has prompted the statisticians, the premier destination for online adult entertainment, to take a peek into the last 16 days to take a look at what furloughed U.S. public employees have been up to in their spare time.


Turns out, according to the ‘Hub’s findings, people seem to be catching up on some much missed downtime with their laptops, especially Nevada with a 42% spike in views – looks like the desert isn’t the only thing that’s dry in that state. This map shows you by state, how their viewing habits have changed since the shut-down – it’s as if Bill Clinton was back in office!


The top 10 states with the greatest traffic surge:


Adult Entertainment Site's Traffic Surged During US Gov't Shutdown
Adult Entertainment Site’s Traffic Surged During US Gov’t Shutdown


  1. Nevada
  2. Oklahoma
  3. Florida
  4. Georgia
  5. New York
  6. Illinois
  7. Vermont
  8. Pennsylvania
  9. Maryland
  10. Ohio


You can also check out the dynamic map that lays the data in a more interactive fashion.


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