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Accessories Worth Investing In

Are you looking to invest in some new accessories to enhance your outfits?

Whilst certain accessories such as ties can be bought at relatively low cost, there are other accessories that are worth spending extra on. Opting for investment pieces means that they are typically higher quality and so last a lot longer.

Accessories are perfect for adding a personal spin to an outfit, particularly if you are limited by the clothing itself. For example, if you are required to wear a suit for work, you can add your own touch by accessorising.

With this in mind, make sure that if you plan on investing in any of the following accessories, they are in keeping with your style and existing wardrobe.

Luxury watch

A luxury watch is a lifetime investment. Being both practical and stylish, a watch is arguably the best accessory to invest in. One of the many benefits to doing so is that they are appropriate to wear whatever the occasion, whether that be a day at the office or attending a wedding.

With so many options to pick from, it can be difficult to know where to get started.

Firstly, make sure to buy from a reputable brand that focuses on both functionality as well as design. Then consider what requirements you have for a watch. For example, do you want the date displayed on the face as well as the time? Finally, you can consider the style that you would like, making sure to factor in what is going to complement existing items in your wardrobe.

Classic belt

Similar to a watch, a belt is a good investment piece because it doesn’t require saving for best. A high-quality belt can be worn with denim jeans for a trip to the pub, as well as with suit trousers for work meetings or celebratory occasions. They are also a worthwhile investment, as again similar to a watch, they work both functionally and aesthetically, perfect if you are looking to purchase something you can really get good cost per wear from.

There are belt styles to suit everyone. For your first purchase, go for something relatively neutral that you will easily be able to pair with a range of outfit options.


Sunglasses, whilst a less obvious option, are a fantastic accessory to invest in. Although they may not be worn all year round, they typically get used very heavily throughout the spring and summer months. Low-quality pairs break easily meaning you spend a considerable amount replacing them over time.

Instead, it can be wise to invest in a more high-end pair that will last far longer. Opt for a classic style such as aviators, that suit pretty much all face shapes. Once you have purchased your shades, make sure you are vigilant with keeping them in their case when not worn to protect them against damage.