Aaron Paul Instagrams a Contest For All ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans

Let’s admit it: “Breaking Bad” was more addictive than crystal meth and we are all waiting for one last chance to get a hit.

What’s the Contest?

Aaron Paul announced on his Instagram that he will be hiding “Breaking Bad” memorabilia all over Los Angeles for fans to try and find before the Emmy awards on Monday.

What’s he giving away?

Signed scripts from “Breaking Bad,” posters, dolls, action figures, and some sweet “Breaking Bad” art will be hidden all over the Hollywood area.

Why is he doing it?

“Breaking Bad” is nominated for 16 Emmys this year, including Best Drama. The show finished last fall but Aaron wanted to give his fans one last thank you in support of the show. The show has already won ten of the statuettes, but we’re pretty sure that won’t be the last of it come Monday night.

Good luck hunting!

Photo credit: Thibault