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A Useful Guide On How To Prepare Hookah At Home The Right Way

Hookah tobacco is a dried and flavored mixture, and it’s burned in a bowl and cooled by the water in the hookah base. The smoke passes through a hose and into a hose adapter before it goes down the shaft. Preparation is the key to having a great-tasting hookah session, and there are a few steps that can ensure you do it the right way at home.

1. Cleaning And Maintenance

Before you prepare your hookah for a smoking session at home, you have to clean it. This is the first step to ensure you’ll have a great-tasting hookah session, and it’s pretty easy because all you have to do is clean the stem of the hookah with water and then dry it before moving into the next steps. As the experts from note, some parts of the hooka are replaceable as well. For example, if you’ve had your narghile for a while, you might want to look into getting a new hose, because, over time, the slits in the hose can get clogged with residue. In fact, almost every part of your hookah, besides the base, can be replaced with a better one. It’s an easy way to upgrade your experience. That said, proper maintenance is important, so always make sure you clean your hookah after every use.

2. Prepare The Shisha

This is one of the most important steps in hookah preparation. The first thing you have to know is that the nicotine content in most brands of shisha ranges from 0 to 2 percent, so it doesn’t have as much as cigarettes. However, if you don’t prepare your hookah properly, you can ingest a lot of health-threatening chemicals. That’s why you should always wash and soak the shisha tobacco leaves before putting them in the bowl and lighting the coals. It’ll significantly reduce any harmful byproducts that can result from tobacco burning. Of course, choosing the right tobacco flavor for you is a great perk. You can check online for flavor varieties – from blueberry and lemon to coffee and mint – as well as look into their ratings, and information about how strong they are. Once you choose your favorite, you can simply roll up a few leaves and put them in the bowl, spreading evenly.

3. Foil And Coal

Next, you have to cut a small square of aluminum foil and fold it in half and poke some holes in the center with a toothpick or anything like that to make certain there aren’t any gaps between the tobacco and foil when you place them on top of one another. This is done to allow the smoke to properly flavor your hookah. It also allows you to pack it tightly, which is important because otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of excess tobacco that won’t burn. If you want your hookah session to be a pleasant one, you have to get the coal right as well, and it should burn properly every time. After filling the coal tray with charcoal cubes, you should spray them with some water. You can use a spray bottle or do it manually. Next, you have to wait for around 10 minutes for the cubes to heat up and become covered in ash before using them. That’s because wet coals are easier to handle than dry ones, plus they produce less smoke, and it’s what you want if you want a pleasant session.

4. Smoking Time

If the hookah is packed tightly and there’s enough moisture in the tobacco, you can start smoking as soon as one coal is placed on top of all the pieces of shisha. Make sure your mouth isn’t too close to the hose adapter – it’s important to make an inch or two gap, which you’ll need later when your hookah starts producing smoke. You can then put another coal on top of the tobacco and place the glass bowl over the top of that one. Then slide on the cover plate that will trap all the heat in between them before finally putting on your hose. Then, once you start inhaling from the hose, you can just keep going until your hookah starts producing a lot of smoke. In the end, after replacing the foil and charcoal as needed, take a deep breath and enjoy your experience!

If you want to prepare your hookah the right way, here’s a useful guide that’ll help you get it done. Make sure to read through this article carefully and learn more about how shisha is packed tightly. The best way to enjoy good hookah is to prepare it well in advance, replacing certain parts with better ones. It’s not hard at all and you’ll be surprised at the difference!