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A Maintenance Guide To Help Your Razor Last Longer (Review)

One of the most common frustrations that comes with grooming is having a razor that quickly becomes dull and loses its durability when shaving. It not only leads to nicks and cuts, but can even result in painful razor burn. Fortunately, there are several key ways to lengthen the lifespan of a razor to ensure that it doesn’t have to be replaced as quickly.

Rinse and Dry the Blades

Razor cartridges are prone to becoming clogged and dirty, leading to dingy blades if they’re not properly rinsed during the shaving process. Use hot water to clean the blades after a few strokes, which will work to remove residue and hairs that become lodged in the razor. It’s equally important to properly dry the blades with a clean towel or even a hair dryer for several minutes. This will not only prevent rusting, but will also keep the blades sharp.

Store the Razor in a Dry Environment

Storing your razor in a moist environment can wreck havoc on the quality, making it important to store them in a drawer or sealed bathroom cabinet. Avoid leaving them in the shower or sink where they’ll be in direct contact with moisture that is still in the air or on a surface. They can also be left on a towel, which will soak up any moisture that leaks out of the product.

Sharpen the Blades

To keep the edges of a razor sharp when shaving, use an old pair of jeans and run it along the material at least 10 times. Do it once in both directions for an easy and affordable way of strengthening the blades whenever they begin to feel dull. Similarly, it’s important to buy razor blades that are durable enough to be resharpened multiple times for continuous use.

Keep the Razor Conditioned

Use conditioner on your face while shaving, which will allow the blades to easily glide without working as hard while offering the same results. Baby oil can also be directly applied onto the razor prior to shaving to allow it to last twice as long.

There are several ways to maintain the quality of your razor and keep it sharp to ensure that it provides a clean shave with daily use. It will work to save money in the long run and prevent irritation on the skin with a few simple habits that are easy to practice.