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A Bicycle Tune-Up That Includes The Super Comfortable “Dual Action Seat”

It won’t be long before the polar vortex is a distant memory and thoughts will turn to tuning up bikes for springtime rides. And whether you’re a beach cruiser or a serious cyclist, anyone who has spent time riding on a traditional bicycle saddle can attest to the uncomfortable numbness and discomfort that that they can cause. Studies have even shown that long hours on traditional bicycle seats can cause more serious complications such as impotence in male riders. By eliminating the traditional horn the Dual Action Seat alleviates these problems removing uncomfortable pressure points and providing two separate seating surfaces that are hinged to follow body motion providing the ultimate in riding comfort.

“Lets face it bicycling can be a pain in the butt – literally,” says Jo Hunt, Marketing Director for Dual Action Seat. “The traditional bicycle seat wasn’t engineered with comfort in mind, but comfort was exactly the reason that the Dual Action Seat was created.”

The Super Comfortable “Dual Action Seat”

The Dual Action Seat is made up of two separate seats that sit underneath each of the riders’ upper thighs. This design spreads the riders weight over a larger contact area for increased comfort and the elimination of the pressure points caused by the horn on a traditional seat.

The Dual Action Seat derives its name from its two-axis movement designed to make it move with the body. In the first axis of movement each of the two separate seats swivel up and down independently of each other allowing them to follow the up and down movement of the riders upper thighs when pedaling. The second axis of movement allows the two seats to pivot right and left together following the motion of the hips helping to reduce chafing and fatigue when riding.

The Super Comfortable “Dual Action Seat”

The Dual Action Seat is constructed from aircraft grade 6061 aluminum alloy and all bolts and nuts are stainless steel ensuring a lifetime of comfort and enjoyment. The angle of the seats are easily adjustable to fit each individual riders needs and the seat surface are covered with Velcro® to provide a smooth surface and accommodate the attachment of the optional Blue Diamond® gel pads. This gel is used to provide pressure reduction during surgical procedures and further enhances the comfort that this seat provides. The Dual Action Seat will easily fit on any straight stem seat post with a 7/8” diameter top making it simple to move from bike to bike.

“Whether you’re a serious rider or just enjoy getting out on the weekend for a little exercise, I think you will really appreciate the comfort that this seat provides,” added Hunt. “The two seat design and dual action movement represent a break through in bicycle seat design. Not only is it far more comfortable it can also help to reduce fatigue and provide riders with a lifetime of riding enjoyment.”

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