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6 Tips For Men On How To Setup Your Job Interview For Success

What do people think when they see you coming for an interview? Do they see a young college graduate with a freshly minted degree trying desperately to hide the green? Do they see an aging adult nervous about their future prospects? Or do they see a confident go-getter, ready to take on new challenges? First impressions are powerful. You only have a matter of seconds to put your best foot forward. There is much to be learned from the way someone puts themselves together, but appearance is usually relegated to the basics when preparing for an interview. Don’t fall short in the appearance department. Here are 6 tips to help you wow them the moment they lay eyes on you.

A Suit is Always the Right Choice

Whether male or female, casual work environment or formal, a person clad in a traditional suit always makes a positive visual impression. Wearing a dark colored suit conveys confidence and respect for the company and position for which you are interviewing. Sensible shoes (moderate heel for women, dressy loafer for men) do well to round out this ensemble. There is some logic going around that interviewing for a start-up company does not have the same requirement of formality. Just because the attire once hired is relaxed doesn’t mean the interview outfit should be.

Be Neat

Ironed shirt, clean, trimmed nails, everything stain-free – these things don’t consciously register to an employer unless they aren’t there. If your tie is askew and your shirt is rumpled, it won’t go unnoticed. Neon nail polish with sparkles and rhinestones will raise eyebrows also. While you may like them, long nails are not conducive to typing or lifting. You don’t want your look to be a detractor.

Every Hair in Place

A neat hairstyle that favors you works best. Leave the bright colors and extreme cuts for the weekend.

Tone Down the Scents

Letting your cologne or perfume precede you may work in some settings, but not in an interview. It calls unnecessary (and unwanted) attention to itself…and to you.

Cover Up

That low slung blouse or tattoo on your forearm? While they might be nice, they are not appropriate for an interview or the workplace. Keep them hidden from view.

Sensible Accessories Rule

You may wear  men’s chains and a hand full of rings in your off time, but cut it down substantially for the interview. A sensible chain, a wedding ring. Initial cuff links are a classy touch to accent a stylish appearance. A variety of styles can be found at The Cufflink Factory. We’ve given you some help dressing the part and starting the interview off on the right foot. The rest is up to you!

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