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6 Things to Do Before Buying Her a Diamond Ring

Buying that diamond ring is a big step. It’s a bigger step if you don’t know the first thing about diamond rings. Don’t worry we have you covered here. Before buying her a diamond ring, here’s what you should be doing:

Be Sure

Getting that ring is a big commitment. Not to mention a big investment also. Before going forward, you should be very sure if she is the right one. A few questions you should be asking yourself are, Is the relationship moving forward smoothly? Do you consider her your best friend? How well does she go along with your friends? Is there something you would like to change about her? Are those deal breakers? And most importantly, how do you picture the next 30 years with her?

The answers to these questions will help you decide if you want to move to the next step.

Figure out the budget

Ready to commit? Before you start visiting diamond retailers, you should be figure out how much you can shell out for the ring. Remember, you will also be planning a wedding in the near future, so you don’t want to put in all your savings in a ring. You can also consider getting the ring through payment plans. Yes, you can do that.

Find a friend

Do you have common friends? Friends whose style is similar to her. Ask her to come along while you go looking for the ring. Having a second opinion can be very beneficial, especially when it comes to something that’s going to stay with you forever.

Know ring size

While you can get the ring resized later on, but getting the right size is a sign that everything is following the perfect plan. You might want to ‘borrow’ one of her rings while you go diamond shopping. Choose one she won’t miss immediately.

Do some window shopping

Or online shopping. Get an idea of price, and designs. When it comes to rings, there are so many options. Some prefer modern design, while others prefer the traditional ones. And then there is also the option of manmade diamonds. You might want to get her opinion about rings somehow.

Also before choosing the one, look at a few options. Window shop literally. Visit a few stores. Look at what they are offering. Their prices and their designs.

Review the diamond

Once you finalize the design, review the diamond. A little knowledge of diamond quality will help you select the ring one according to your budget and needs. Ask the diamond dealer how the diamond rates on the 4C scale. The 4C scale is used to measure how good the diamond is. It refers to the diamond’s cut, clarity, color and carat size. The higher you go up the scale, the more expensive the diamond will be. So, it all comes down to your budget. Do a little research on this before selecting the one.