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6 Age Defying Skin Tips

Our skin undergoes considerable changes as we age. The onset of wrinkles, spots and dryness are signs that the skin has begun a transformation. But can we defy skin aging? – the answer is a resounding yes! This article will provide 6 simple tips on how to maintain a skin’s glow and texture while fighting wrinkles.

Age defying skin Tip #1: Fight stress with all your might!

If you are an office-goer, you will know that pressure at work often reaches a saturation point with scary deadlines and impossible-to-please bosses. Homemakers have problems of their own as well. In short, stress is universal and can affect anyone.

A lot of worrying will increase the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This triggers inflammation along with a chain of events that result in facial redness and acne. Beat stress by eating foods rich in antioxidants such as beans, berries and oranges. If you are high in stress, take a break and focus on something that is pleasant and less-taxing. Better still, take a vacation.

Age defying skin Tip #2: Believe in the power of retinoids!

Ever heard of retinoid? Well, it’s a derivative of Vitamin A and can smoothen wrinkles and clear brown spots efficiently. Get yourself a retinoid cream from a prominent brand and treat yourself to clearer and more beautiful skin. Of course, it will take 2-3 months for results to show.

Age defying skin Tip #3: Exercise yourself to glory!

You are already aware about the benefits of exercises in warding off weight gain and heart diseases. But did you know that exercises help in keeping the skin firm and toned? Studies have shown that exercises pack the skin with nutrients and oxygen required for collagen generation. This, in turn, ensures that you have glowing skin that last ages.

Age defying skin Tip #4: Add more of Omega-3 foods to your diet

Omega-3s are the good fats present in foods. Flaxseeds, almonds and fish have them in plenty and do a good job of boosting hydration. This, in turn, helps to keep skin smooth and firm. While you pack in the good fats, limit the intake of foods high in saturated fat as well.

Age defying skin Tip #5: Be wary of the sun

Who doesn’t like enjoying some time in the sun? Sunlight is packed with Vitamin D and your skin will definitely benefit from the exposure. Be careful though because too much sun can cause the appearance of wrinkles and spots in no time. Use a sunscreen, especially between 10 am and 2 pm.

Age defying skin Tip #6: Sleep like a log

When you sleep, your body releases crucial growth hormones that help increase cell growth essential for maintaining good skin. Never skip a chance to close your eyelids and ensure that you get atleast 7 hours sleep each day!

About the author: Susan Smith is a fitness and business marketing enthusiast. She currently works with Promo Direct (, a company that provides promotional products to American firms. On a daily basis, she deals with a variety of firms looking for business giveaways that can fulfill their requirements.