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5 Summer Grooming Fails & How to Fix Them

We all know what we ought to be doing, but that doesn’t mean we all do it, all of the time. Fails get the best of us all, regardless of who we are or how successful we become; and yes, even celebs are susceptible to a grooming fail or two, and they have a team of people on hand! So chalk these fails down to lack of experience, being in a rush, or whatever you have to do to feel better, but just know one thing; where there is a will there’s a way. It’s all in how you recover from a fail that defines a man!

Below is our judgment free zone on how to fix 5 pesky summer fails:


Whether you forgot/ignored/underestimated the power of the sun, sunburn happens to the best of us! The best thing you can do is act as quickly as possible to rehydrate the skin, and sip (not chug) lots of water for a few days. Use Aloe with Lidocaine asap to relieve the dryness and itching. Stay indoors and rest up. You can also eat lots of acidic juicy tomatoes, or put them on the burn if you are brave (it stings like a mofo), to eliminate strong or deep burns. If you begin to vomit, seek medical care. Otherwise, live and learn!

Product Overload

We’ve all been there; you’re seconds away from the perfect ‘do when disaster strikes. That last glob of hair gel was one glob too much and now you look like a drowned rat. Don’t worry. Instead of jumping in the shower and starting over, use a thin toothed comb to work through the areas where there is too much product. You will need to rinse the comb under hot water on each pull, to ensure all the product is gone and you don’t redistribute it elsewhere. Use a hairdryer to spot dry if needed. Take a second shot.

David Elliot Pocket Comb

Shampoo Suds

If you find yourself running from the gym at lunch to the office, only to notice you’re still soaking up suds at the desk, don’t freak out. Stop at a drug store to grab some spray shampoo. You might htink adding more shampoo to the situation is illogical, bu dry shampoo has drying properties that soak up grease and residue. Spray your hair from about 12 inches away in short bursts, lifting the hair. Massage the product in and let the hair dry fully. Now you will have healthy, shiny hair for all the right reasons!

Going Against the Grain

Whether you are shaving your face or below deck, going against the grain is a major fail. The next few days will be uncomfortable, but you can ease the ride with some simple coconut oil. Apply this liberally to the affected areas to soften and moisturize the skin. It will reduce the inflammation and soften new hair growth ensuring a more comfortable experience. If you have thick coarse hair, you can also exfoliate the area with a gentle cleanser to help those sharp nodules breakthrough.

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Using a Harsh Soap

If you’ve stepped out of the shower and feel like you are wearing someone else’s skin, chances are you are using the wrong soap. This tight feeling damages skin and can add to the signs of aging. It’s important to hydrate as soon as possible. We love Vaseline Intensive Care for Men, which has an easy spray on formula. Rather than spending hours lathering up in greasy lotions, you can jump to the rescue and spray your body down in less than a minute. Don’t forget to pick up new soap like Dove Men Care.

What is your most embarrassing grooming fail? Leave a comment below and tell us how you were able to overcome it, or what you wish you knew then to save the day!