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5 Style Trends for Men’s Fall Fashion 2019

What you wear can say a lot about you; fashion is exciting because it’s an outward expression of who you are. What you wear lets other people know a slither of your personality; what music you listen to or what you do for a living. Fashion can also inspire confidence and attraction. Half the fun of style is the mystery and the rest is theatre. You can dress outside of your means, in costume, or as the man you one day hope to become, giving yourself an opportunity to experience luxury and opulence with textiles and accessories. Whatever you decide, enjoy yourself. Fashion was never meant to be taken seriously.

To give you a helping hand, Male Standard has 7 Style Trends for Men’s Fall Fashion 2015. These will ensure you go into the new season looking and feeling your best!


5 Style Trends for Men’s Fall Fashion 2015

From left to right: Dolce & Gabbana, Boglioli, Gieves & Hawkes, Ports 1961, Canali, Lanvin, Calvin Klein Collection, Cerrutti, Prada and Brioni.

So the movie bombed. That doesn’t mean you can’t rock 50 shades of grey with style. Grey is the perfect color as it’s neither too formal or too casual. It’s versatility works well in most fabrics and cuts. You can just as easily rock a grey sweater as you can a grey suit or a grey blazer. The trick to wearing all one color is to add as many shades as possible, preferably with the lightest hue highest, working to the low dark hues at your feet.


5 Style Trends for Men’s Fall Fashion 2015

From left to right: Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, Wooyoungmi, Jil Sander, Ami, Casely-Hayford and Hentsch Man.

Fall screams comfort but don’t get caught in the rain without this season’s must-have jacket. Choose from single or double breasted or a trenchcoat design, the choice is up to you, but turn up the heat by picking a wool fabric. This durable fabric is perfect for the seasonal change and looks fantastic in grey! Keep patterns plain for a modern look or choose classics such as herringbone. Knee-length is the most flattering fit for most men and will slim your waist.


5 Style Trends for Men’s Fall Fashion 2015

From left to right: Christophe LeMaire, Margaret Howell, Missoni, Pringle of Scotland, Cornelianiand Bally.

Good news if you live in Boston…or the arctic! Under your wool coat, knitted sweaters are trending. Invest in a designer brand to avoid scratchy blends reminiscent of private schools. Fall 2016 will see geometric prints make good use of casual sweaters, as well as art deco inspired patterns. Stick with an all grey sweater if you are unsure how to wear this look and you’ll find a stape that will last you a lifetime of Falls to come.


5 Style Trends for Men’s Fall Fashion 2015

From left to right: Tiger of Sweden, Burberry Prorsum, Berluti, Hardy Amies, dunhill and Bottega Veneta.

If you’re not a grey man or just need something to offset all the grey, add some festive cheer to your outfit with green. Deep ferns greens are going to be everywhere, but all greens are good to go. Darker forest greens, especially with a military style will get you the most mileage for your money. You’ll also notice coats, shoes, and accessories in green turning heads in London, Paris, and Milian runways for winter 2016.


5 Style Trends for Men’s Fall Fashion 2015

From left to right: Neil Barrett, Costume Nastional Homme, Iceberg, Fendi, Givenchy and Valentino.

Every outfit needs an accent, and Fall 2016 is set to let pockets have their moment. This love it or leave it tend will be pretty unavoidable as designers patch in their favourite oversized pockets into many classic men’s staples. We think this is a fun way to add character to what could be boring pieces. It will also put your at the front of the fashion pack as there is no avoiding these stylish additions. Choose from an assortment of fabrics and have fun!