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5 Remedies For Dry And Brittle Beards

A well-groomed beard will feel different than one that hasn’t been cared for. A well-maintained beard is soft, manageable, and moist. Unhealthy beard symptoms like itching, split ends, and dry or brittle hair are prevalent unless you discover how to soften your beard.

To your relief, there are effective methods for taming your beard. You can get the most out of your beard care products by switching up your grooming routine and using only the best products on your mane. So, whether this is your first time sporting facial hair or you’ve struggled with a dry, itchy beard for a long time, here are some recommendations for keeping your beard soft and healthy over the long haul.

Take Advantage Of Tried And Tested Products

Consider going to your local shop or over the net to test one of these products. It would be a waste to wait for your beard to heal itself; you can supplement your beard’s health with products and tools like the following:

1. Beard Oil

Using beard oil is an excellent way to prevent future hair drying and add moisture to your beard. The odor and composition of beard oils can vary greatly. Make sure the beard oil you choose uses only all-natural ingredients. Some beard oils are of poor quality and can damage your hair and skin, especially with prolonged use. It doesn’t matter what time of day you decide to apply beard oil, although many men find it works best when they leave it on overnight.

2. Beard Balm

Beard balm is an excellent alternative to beard oil because it has many of the same oils that keep your beard soft and smell good. Beard balm has a few more ingredients, the most common being beeswax and natural butter. Because of this, beard balm can also be used as a hairstyling product. The primary function of a beard balm is to moisturize and condition your hair, which distinguishes it from mustache wax, which has a higher ratio of wax to oils. Whether you opt for beard balm or beard oil depends on the look you’re going for with your facial hair. Beard oil is preferable if you don’t mind how your beard naturally looks. Use a beard balm from if you want to add style, form, and more health to your beard.

3. Beard Shampoo And Conditioner

Always wash with a beard shampoo or conditioner to keep your beard and skin healthy. Doing so is recommended because regular soap might irritate sensitive skin and dry out facial hair. Beard hair is distinct from head hair, and regular shampoo may damage it. Be sure to use a beard shampoo specifically designed to keep facial hair from becoming dry. Regular shampoo on a beard is more abrasive and might remove the beard’s natural oils. When dealing with a naturally dry beard, it’s imperative to use a beard conditioner after washing. It adds a layer of softness and protection to your beard, keeping it from getting tangled up and feeling healthy.

Hopefully, you will try these suggestions and see great results in return. Moreover, this article will also provide some activities you should add to your daily routine to remedy your dry and brittle beard quickly.

Beard Softening Reminders

Young man scratching face on color background. Annoying itch

Try to include these activities in your daily routine to help yourself and the products you use to make your beard as soft as possible.

4. Regularly Trim Your Beard

If you want to ensure that all the hairs in your beard are as soft and flexible as the rest, then this is a fantastic approach. Avoid making it too short; that’s not the objective. Instead, you are removing the stiff hairs in your beard and ensuring it stays clean and in place.

5. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Maintaining beard softness may be as simple as avoiding vitamin inadequacies, which you can do by eating healthily. Saturated fatty acids are essential for sebum production, the natural protective oil covering your skin and hair. Hair health can also be negatively affected by deficiencies in other nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Try to add these reminders to your calendars or journals to ensure you won’t forget them through your bearded journey.


A dry beard is a reasonably common concern for almost everyone with a beard. The skin under the beard may dry out because it’s not getting enough moisture. Additionally, you may be stripping your beard of its natural oils if you’re not careful. This article covered a few products and actions you can take to address the issue. Give your beard some TLC if you want it to continue feeling and looking incredible.