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5 Back to School Grooming Essentials Under $10

If this is your first year at college, you might be surprised to learn that buying a full grooming kit can cost you upwards of $100. From $18 hair gels to $34 moisturizers, grabbing items off the shelf in a hurry can be expensive and regretful. To give you the competed edge, and to save your precious spending cash, we’ve picked our top 5 grooming products that are under $10.

These products are all essential items that perform to a high level and won’t leave you feeling short-changed. So take this list with you and be sure to knock out your back to school shopping in style.

Suave Men Shampoo & Conditioner

We love Suave Men because they act like professional products for a mere RRP of $2. Don’t be put off by this incredible deal, some things are too good and are true. Suave Men carry a line of shampoo and conditioner designed to meet the unique needs of men’s hair, and were designed to help men look and feel their best.

Choose from a selection of fragrances and anti-dandruff formula, and check off healthy hair as your top back to school hack.

Degree Deodorant

For less than $3, or a cup of Joe, you can smell fresh all day long thanks to Degree deodorant. This is one power-packed formula and contains MOTIONSENSE technology with 48-hour protection that steps up a gear when you need it most. Whether you are on the football team or sweating that big exam, Degree won’t let you down, and offers reliable body odor protection for a Ramen noodle budget.

We love the exhilarating Degree Cool Rush and Degree Extreme for refreshing fragrances that work well day and night.

Vaseline Intensive Care

Before you jump the gun, about the only thing Vaseline is not good for is lubrication. Instead, pack a tub of this grooming staple to heal chapped lips and protect minor cuts and scratches. Vaseline is the best at keeping moisture locked inside and forms a protective barrier. This is important as broken skin is a risk of infection. This $1 pot could save you big on medical bills!

If regular Vaseline is too intensive, we love their all body moisturizer for men that will give you head to toe moisture in seconds.


Another grooming essential you can scrimp on is toothpaste thanks to Crest 3D. This professional grade toothpaste offers whitening and enamel protection for around $5 for a full tube. Skip the travel size and always go pro. You want to ensure you have clean teeth morning noon and night, especially if you intend to check out the social scene.

A great tip when looking for a toothbrush is to look on the bottom shelves, you can often find dentist approved manual toothbrushes for $1. Now that is something to smile about!

AXE Styling Pucks

Speaking of your social life, don’t forget to get the look with AXE styling pucks. These are affordable yet professional styling products that give our hair an assortment of textures and styling options. For under $5, you can shake things up with the Messy Look, or choose a shiny Pomade formula for a classic formal do. We’ll let you decide how you define yourself!

What do you think of these 5 essential grooming products under $10? It just goes to show you don’t have to spend a fortune to look your best!