Every Car Has a Personality | Autotrader + Cars 3 Showcase Personality

Autotrader has teamed up with Disney PIXAR to promote the launch of the new movie “Cars 3.” In the spirit of the film and centered around Autotrader’s personalized search functionality, Autotrader launched a 30-second Autotrader television spot featuring the well-known cast of characters from Disney Pixar’s”Cars 3″ showcasing their distinctive personalities. Autotrader rallies viewers to find the car that best fits their lifestyle. The spot concludes with the tagline – “Every car has a personality. Find the one that fits yours at Autotrader.”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AK0xcNmkzmU]
Much like the “Cars” franchise, Autotrader shares a personal connection with people of all ages and at all life stages. To celebrate this collaboration, Autotrader has invited me to join them for an exclusive private pre-screening of the movie this Sunday. So, don’t forget to follow me at @MaleStandard to get the exclusive behind-the-screen scoop!