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3 Things You Do Causing Hair Loss

No guy wants to lose his hair. Even Vin Diesel confessed that he only shaves his head because he started losing hair at an early age due to hereditary hair loss. The difference between you and Vin Diesel, aside from a few million dollars, is Vin understands how to turn a weakness into a strength – with his bad boy look earning him one of the highest paid positions in Hollywood.

Half the battle is understanding that hair loss happens. We lose around 10,000 hairs a day and as we get older, we simply produce less. Basic math tells you it won’t take forever for the balances of hair out to exceed new hair coming in. What you might not know, however, is there are some simple steps you can take now to slow this process down and you can learn to live confidently with what you have.

Tip 1: Stop Using a Comb

While a comb is a great styling tool, it can also pull hair from the follicle and cause damage. Whenever possible, ditch using a comb and instead style your hair with your fingers. This has two perks; the first is that your hair will gain volume and texture, the second is you will keep what hair you have for longer, so no more unnecessary shedding.

Tip 2: Stop Smoking

Like tip 1, smoking has more than one benefit. Aside from saving you a ton of cash, quitting smoking can be one of the best things you do for your mane. Smoking reduces your circulation, which is dependent on moving blood to your scalp. Poor circulation is one of the biggest influencers in men who bad, so do yourself and your health a favor and quick smoking today.

Tip 3: Stop Not Wearing a Hat

While we know the sun’s scorching heat can burn our skin, did you know the sun can also wreak havoc on your hair? If you don’t wear a hat in the sun, you are exposing your scalp to heat, sweat, and undue damage. The heat also tells your body to produce the hormone responsible for telling your hair when to shed. So each time you fail to wear a hat you are asking for hair loss!

While all men will lose some or all of their hair, you can have a say in how much and when. Start making small changes to your daily routine now. Your future self will thank you. Don’t forget, once you start to notice your hair loss, you are already on the path. Thickening shampoos, hair loss serums, and even vitamin pills work best when taken before the first symptoms of hair loss appear.

Is hair loss hereditary in your family? Leave a comment and tell us what you expect to happen in the future and what steps, if any, you are going to take.