If you are looking for a few dry skin remedies that work, then look no further! We understand the pain of having dry skin and want to help you get rid of it. Not only does it physically hurt when skin becomes dry and cracked, but it can cause your appearance to suffer as well.


Take a look at the remedies below and start using them to make your dry skin disappear.


Dry Skin Remedies



Remedy #1: Take Warm Showers


Most of the time, dry skin is the result of taking showers that are too hot. Although it feels good to take a nice, hot, relaxing shower from time to time, it can be bad for your skin. Hot water will strip your skin of all of the natural minerals and oils it contains; therefore, your skin will be left dry and flaky.  For best results, take warm showers. Right before you get out, turn the water to cold for the last few seconds to close your pores. This will help lock in the moisture in your skin.


Remedy #2: Pat Dry


When we get out of the shower; most men like to rub the water off with a towel. This can cause irritation and remove moisture from your skin. Instead of rubbing with a towel, gently pat your skin. This will save your skin from the abuse it takes when rubbed with a towel and will preserve moisture.


Remedy #3: Always Moisturize


This is the most important step of the three. Every time you get out of the shower, you should moisturize using a good lotion. There are various lotions. Make sure to choose the right one for your skin type. For example, if you have extra dry skin, find a product that says ‘for dry skin’ on the label. This type will work better than others because it is specifically made for your needs.


There you have it, three simple solutions to cure dry skin. Remember to monitor the temperature of the water. Always pat dry your skin and apply lotion on a daily basis. If you follow these steps, you’ll notice that your skin will be moisturized and look great



  1. As well as the above three tips, exfoliation is the key.

    Gentle daily exfoliation, with the emphasis on gentle, will remove the top layer of dead skin, meaning that what little oil your skin does produce can focus on healthy skin cells and not supporting those that are dead and gone.

    This will also mean that your moisturisers and serums will penetrate the skin more easily as you will have removed the barrier that often prevents them from doing so.

      1. I completely agree. Exfoliation is something most guys do not do enough. Great tip.

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