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3 Grooming Steps You Shouldn’t Forget this Valentine’s Day

In just a few days, the romantic world will be set aflame with chocolate, cards, and candy; bottles will be put on ice, and dinner reservations will be set. However, Valentine’s day isn’t just about the material show of affection, this is also the most intimate night of the year, with more first time dates getting laid than any other night of the year, now is the time to step up your romantic game.

For those of you in a committed relationship, Valentine’s day is also the night when couples are more likely to engage in new bedroom activities, with women especially more likely to want to initiate trying something new. So, if you think you have the cat in the bag, now might be the time to reconsider your options, and ask yourself, what are you doing to give your date the best night of their life?

To help build your confidence in the bedroom, and to make sure you cover the bases, below are some grooming tips you can use before getting intimate to seal the deal!

Step 1: Cover the Bases

When greeting your date, you want to ensure you cover all the grooming bases; these are what give them the thumbs up that you are ready to be intimate, and demonstrate that you are a clean and respectful lover. Brush your teeth; use mouthwash and toothpaste if you crave kisses. No one wants to deal with bad breath, much less on a date. Wash your hands, and pay attention to under the nail-bed. Ensure nails are trimmed and that you have no hangnails. Always carry a condom; even if you don’t anticipate sex. It’s the smart thing to do.

These may sound like common sense, and for the most part, they are, but romance often revokes a man’s ability to remain clear-sighted in his pursuit of pleasure. As your date will be in close proximity, paying attention to these intimate details will go a long way. That includes tackling body odor head on; Dove Men+Care, Extra Fresh Dry Spray Antiperspirant, is an excellent choice that will give you long-lasting yet gentle underarm protection.

Step 2: Get Closer to the Action

Next up are those less common grooming aspects that benefit from a once-over on the big night. As you will be getting intimate, your date will have a front row seat to the main attraction (that’s you). Ask yourself, are your nose and ears hair free? If not, use a trimmer to train them into shape. Did you clean your ears with cotton buds? These are good hygiene steps that may be overlooked in favor of cologne or a new haircut, but I promise, this matters so much more!

As guys, we tend to overthink romance, when in fact, our dates just want someone who listens to what they have to say, who values their opinion, and who is polite and courteous. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and use weird body language techniques you’ve read online; if you are a decent human being and there’s a chemistry (they wouldn’t agree to go on a date with you if there wasn’t), then you have all the favor stacked in your corner.

As a rule:

  • Beards are totally acceptable and the new norm; just make sure you are trim
  • Always use a facial moisturizer to prevent flaky, dry or irritated skin
  • Wet look hair products give a more formal date-night look

Step 3: Going Above and Beyond

Finally, Valentine’s day is a fun night to go the extra mile and wear a spiffy new outfit or book yourself in for a cut-throat shave at a barbershop. Getting ready is half the fun, and can make you feel confident and prepared. Grooming is important because it sets the foundation for the evening; whereas choosing a fitted dress shirt or polishing a sleek pair of shoes is what makes you stand out from a crowd. While this is far from necessary, it’s a small luxury that can pay dividends.

More often than not, confidence is cited as the number one factor when it comes to building and sustaining attraction. While having great prospects, a smashing sense of humor, and dashing good looks all help in the quest for love; more people claim they prefer a date who is out-going. Confidence is what draws us to new people and opportunities, and maintains our focus. If you feel good, you will naturally project the right level of confidence to woo your date.

Do you have any special plans this Valentine’s day? Leave a comment and let us me know how you plan to get groomed for the big night!