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3 Easy Tips to Achieving Effortless Style

Have you ever noticed how some guys just seem really… cool? You can’t put your finger on what it is or why, but there’s something about them that sets them aside from the pack. Girls want to talk to them, guys want to be them, and they seem to get the cherry pickings for the best opportunities. Life appears to be easy for this guy but did you know, you could be him?

Just ask AXE Stage Pass featured artist Lukas Graham; “7 Years” ago, Lukas was an ordinary guy, now he is living the dream and performing to thousands of fans each night. One thing Lukas attributes to his success is being true to who he is and not changing his style to suit the camera. His effortless style and key grooming choices enable him to focus on his art.

It turns out effortless style is something we can all aspire to; from the walk we walk to the talk we talk, how we dress or style our hair has a big impact on how the world views us. Think about it this way; if you were on a date and had something stuck in your teeth, you wouldn’t expect to be asked out again now, would you? That’s because first impressions become pivotal moments.

Keep reading to discover three easy ways you can achieve an effortless style:

Go Back to Basics

3 Easy Tips to Achieving Effortless Style

The first tip in creating an effortless style is to go back to basics. What does this mean? It means ditching complicated and time-wasting routines. Using tons of different products, and spending hours in front of the mirror to get the look for chumps. Instead, check out the many versatile styling products like the AXE Clean Cut Look that get to work in seconds, and provide all-day hold.

Pick a Signature Fragrance

Being effortlessly stylish is simple when you have a signature fragrance. This style marker tells the world you are confidence in your decisions and leaves a lasting impression on those around you. As humans, we depend on smell to identify and bond with other people on a chemical level. Hit the right notes, and you don’t have to work overtime to win people over. We love AXE Apollo for its refreshing take!

Always Do What Works for You

3 Easy Tips to Achieving Effortless Style

When it comes to success, the key is to do what makes you feel good. Not everyone is going to love your style, but if you dig it then you’ll emit a confidence that will attract the right attention. After all, how do you think trends start? Plus, when you are true to you, making choices is easy; you won’t second guess your style, and will be able to break the mold effortlessly.

Thanks to AXE for sponsoring this post; all opinions are 100% my own!