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2016 Toyota Prius – The Sky’s the Limit in Las Vegas with Male Standard

Toyota changed the automotive industry when it launched the infamous Prius. Even now, no one has managed to do what Toyota did so quietly yet confidently; create an affordable, desirable, reliable, and household name in the hybrid market. So when Toyota announced they were planning on revisiting the incredibly popular Prius Male Standard had questions, but none were more so than ‘why?’ The Prius is still doing incredibly well, it’s one of the most driven cars on the road, so why would Toyota want to add a new Prius to the market and why now? Consider our curiosity piqued!

To find out more, Male Standard joined more than 350 journalists, social influencers, and Toyota guests to watch the all-new 2016 Prius elevate into the Las Vegas night sky. After almost twenty years of shaping the world view on alternative energy vehicles, and more than 3.5 million global sales, Prius is setting out to change the world again. You can also get the inside tech scoop here.

The Skies the Limit!

When we arrived in Las Vegas, the city was buzzing. Obviously that’s nothing new for Vegas, but as regulars to the party city, there was a different excitement in the air. Something big was coming and we knew it. It started when we were collecting our bags at LAS. It was becoming clearer that we weren’t the only ones arriving poised for action; laptops, lanyards, convention goers abound. After making small talk, we realized that there were dozens of journalists heading into the same event; it felt like a takeover!

2016 Toyota Prius – The Sky’s the Limit in Las Vegas with Male Standard

There were rumors circulating about what was planned, what to expect, and of course, what was going to be unveiled. The big questions were how Toyota were going to match the success of the predecessor, if they were going to do anything about the self-confessed plain Jane exterior, and if they would able to complete with a market that simply didn’t exist when they first introduced the Prius. It was all to be answered soon!

If we had any hesitations as to what Toyota had been working on, it ended the moment they descended a Prius from the skyline. Toyota was telling us they went big. The event felt more like the halftime show at the NFL, which incidently, they had when Atlas Genius kicked off the show. It was incredible fun. Once the band ended, the host unveiled a beautiful “Hypersonic Red” 4th gen Prius. Evidently the crowd loved it as much as we did. Already, you could see this was a new moment in Toyota history.

Going Beyond MPG

The event was held at LINQ in Las Vegas, NV, which was an excellent choice. It was just big enough to hold the media, who swarmed the car, and us, to get the first look. Cameras, phones, tablets, and devices were flying above us, all battling to get the first Tweet, Snap, and Insta out to the world of what was to come. The first thing we noticed was that the new Prius is much more aggressive looking than previous models, it has a lot of character, which we love.

Let’s face it. No one was buying a Prius for it’s looks on the first go round. This is the car for the conscious and socially aware trendsetter and now Prius has the looks to match the merit. We also feel that the new Prius is more suited to a male audience who may be looking to get into their first hybrid. This is part eco-friendly, part sports car with a bold look. As we battled closer, we heard people agreeing that the new black and white interior was attractive and fresh. It was unlike anything else out there.

2016 Toyota Prius – The Sky’s the Limit in Las Vegas with Male Standard

“Prius set the global benchmark for hybrids, but now is breaking its own boundaries with more engaging style and fun-to-drive dynamics,” said Bill Fay, group vice president and general manager, Toyota Division.  “What was once a rational purchase that for many customers focused on fuel economy, is now so much more.  This Prius will invite new drivers into the category by delivering an impressive look and feel, built on the foundation of safety and eco-consciousness that define the vehicle’s heritage.”

Engineered from the ground up, the new Prius is 2.4 inches longer, 0.6 inches wider and 0.8 inches lower than the model it replaces, providing a planted on-road presence while delivering more occupant and cargo room. The 2016 Prius is the first global vehicle to implement Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA). TNGA aims to greatly improve core vehicle performance and enhance product appeal through an integrated development program for powertrain components and vehicle platforms.

A New Future

Beyond Possible: The Sky’s the Limit for the All-New 2016 Prius at Las Vegas World Premiere Event

It started in 1992 with a vision for the future – mobility in harmony with society.  Prius, which means “to go before” changed the way we move about the world, and changed the automotive industry forever.  More than two decades and over 8 million Toyota hybrid sales later, the all-new, no compromises 2016 Prius stands side by side with its sibling, the hydrogen powered Mirai, poised to change the game yet again.

The new Prius will arrive in dealerships early next year. Are we excited? Yes! We can see why Prius decided to revisit the drawing board on this infamous car. The 4th gen sees an across the board transformation with an attention beyond MPG, including safety, design, and of course comfort. The new Prius is attractive as it is functional and truly sets a new standard. If you’re in the market for a hybrid it is ging to be impossible to overlook the new Prius.

For more info on the tech check out this or contact your local Toyota dealer. Many thanks to Toyota for a night to remember! Fans are encouraged to visit