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Do You Have What It Takes to Be 1 in One Million?

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The workplace of today looks nothing like the workplace our parents or grandparents knew. From new technology to new careers, to new fields of discovery, we are constantly on the edge of ‘newness.’ But the workplace of today would be nothing without the brilliant minds and the people that create incredible opportunities.

Sometimes I look at my own life and can’t believe how lucky I am. My family are very open minded about what I do, but I can imagine there are many other people who work online who might not be so lucky and might have a hard time explaining what it is they do. Bloggers didn’t exist when my dad was younger, but I’m thankful we live with an ever-changing workplace with so much opportunity.

To celebrate the people behind the economy, a new web series was launched showcasing the many faces of the modern workforce. 1 in One Million is devoted to sharing personal stories of people who do the many important and too-often unrecognized jobs upon which we all rely. These are the unsung heroes that could inspire your next step into greatness.

Meet the VP of Security at The Wynn – Ep. 19

Troy Mitchum has been with the Wynn for 30 years. He held 8 different positions before his promotion to VP of Security. In 1985, he started in the mail room and went on to folding towels and cleaning the pool during the 1990’s. He was even a bellman and worked in Valet before moving into security. Each of these positions accruing the experience he needed to get to where he is today.

VP of Security at The Wynn

To work in security at Wynn, you have to have to present yourself well, have the right demeanor, be able to answer questions. It’s not just about muscle and force – “we’re on stage”, Troy says.

Much like Troy, the security industry has changed immensely over the years. 30 years ago, Troy would have been given a gun and a badge and told to patrol a beat. Now, security are more like ambassadors who are there to offer peace of mind. The Wynn has 25,000 people visit every day – that’s 9 million visitors per year – and first and foremost the security team is there for the guests.

Troy reveals that he and his 400-strong team work closely between departments to ensure the safety of the guests and resort, with three briefings a day. These are on a local and federal level when working with events, and cover everything from global security trends to what’s hot in their local area. Troy oversees thousands of guests per day, some of which are K-9!

Watch 1 in One Million

Do you have what it takes to be 1 in One Million? You can subscribe to the inspirational web series at 1 in One Million; each month, you’ll meet new and inspiring people who are changing the face of their workplace. From people like Troy Mitchum, VP of Security at the Wynn (episode 19) to Royce, an alligator wrestler, you will learn new ways to approach your own career and life journey.

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