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101 Tips On How To Get into Male Grooming

Are you looking to get into male grooming but don’t know where to start? Don’t your wax on from your wax off? Don’t worry; Male Standard has you covered! Whether you want more top tips, or just a friendly pointer in the right direction, we are here to help you get to grips with the exciting world of male grooming; so from the top, that’s pretty much anything you can think of that will help you look and feel better as a man!

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The first question I want you to think about is why you’re here. Do you want to feel more confident? Target a specific problem area? Are you looking to see what your options are for added sex appeal? Maybe a friend mentioned he was trying something new with his beard and you ran to Google to find out more. The reason you have is going to be different from anyone else, and you might discover that have more than one goal.

So where do you begin? Like anything, the place to start is from the beginning!

Getting to Terms with the Basics of Male Grooming

Let’s say this is the first time you have heard the term “male grooming,” does that mean you automatically have no experience? We’re going to assume you know how to say, brush your teeth and wash your face, you know, the basic stuff. Take a shower, wash your hair, and shave now and then – all the things we factor in as “well, that’s just a part of life.” Not only are these essential, but they actually male grooming techniques and all require you to hone a certain skill.

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The point we’re trying to make, is that you already have plenty of knowledge and adding to that skill set is really simple. No one starts out as grooming experts, and it will take you a while to build up experience and find out what works best for you. That doesn’t mean that the road up ahead won’t be fun, and offer up lots of new suggestions and ideas. Grooming doesn’t end once you hit a certain age, and these life skills will grow and develop with you to help you stay on top. So let’s get more involved!

The Who

No, not the band, we are talking about you. Who are you? We don’t mean your name, but what makes you who you are and how does that reflect in your need to groom? Do you have thick, curly hair, or a grizzly beard? Are you athletic, fashionable, or musical? Do you dress casually, or are you always in a suit? Knowing who you are and how you present yourself to the world is one of the most important aspects of male grooming because it gives you focus.

The What

Once you understand who you are, you will quickly discover that the answers to what male grooming techniques you need appear. Let’s go one-step further. What steps do you already take to make yourself more presentable? What grooming tools do you use? What products do you use? What fragrances do you like? These are all critical tips that can help you narrow down on where to begin improving.

The Where

Next up, I want you to think about where you typically carry out your grooming. Are you an in the shower kind of guy? Do you set up shop at the bathroom cabinet? Do you spend most of your time getting ready in the bedroom? Knowing where will also allow you to work out what body areas are important, and what is zapping up most of your time. You gain insight into where you spend most of your time grooming; it is the face, hair, or body and feet?

The When

Again, think of when you groom. Do you let is all build up and then tackle it as a massive overhaul? Do you have a daily routine? Do you clip your toenails in the bath because it’s convenient? Knowing when is important because it shed light on which techniques work for you – the last thing you want to do is invest in a rigorous regime if you’re just not that into it or start with good intentions and wonder why you can never find the right time.

The Why

Knowing these tips will pinpoint areas that will reveal why you choose to groom; why can be for any reason but try to look past looking good for a moment. Why do you shave? Is your skin sensitive? Why do you use a certain face wash? Are you acne prone? Why do you use different hair products? Is your hair damaged, dry, frizzy, or unmanageable? Knowing why will let you know where you need to take action.

The Ultimate Guide to Male Grooming

So now you know the who, what, where, when, and why, you are all set to start your own customizable routine.

Inside your answers for these five questions lays critical information that you might not have thought about. It will shed light on problem zones that are unique to you, and give you a head start when applying products or male grooming techniques. Without understanding these basic steps, you might also be using the wrong methods and missing the rewards! You are your own man, and taking actionable steps to understanding this is vital.

So now, you have a great understanding of what you’re working with, how do you go about making changes? For many men, grooming is something that simply isn’t taught. This is why we put together 101 male grooming techniques that tell you exactly how to apply each phase. Read up on advice from experts, and learn how to meet your grooming needs with these straightforward tips!