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10 Reasons Why Bow Ties are Cool

If you’re looking for 10 reasons why bow ties are cool, look no further! As ambassadors of style, Male Standard is here to tell you why bow ties are the coolest style statement. From their practicality, to their flair for fashion, we bet there’s a bow tie out there waiting just for you!

1. There’s a Bow Tie for Every Occasion

Wenge Wood Bow Tie w/ Dark Grey Fabric

Bow Ties have come a long way since Billy Nye the Science Guy. No longer reserved for weddings or formal functions, Bow Ties are now available in a range of materials and fabrics, which make them a great go-to for any occasion. To keep things casual, go with a colorful print and a loose tie. For formal functions, darker colors and a firm tie are preferred.

2. And Every Outfit…

Jobillo Wood Bow Tie w/ Checkered Fabric

Just as bow ties are a great addition to any occasion, they also dress up almost any outfit with a chic sophistication. You can wear them with denim on the weekends, suits at a wedding, with sweaters for a geek chic look a la Kayne, or on their own if you want to give your partner a sexy surprise! However you choose to accessorize your bow tie is fine with us!

3. Bow Ties Are The Original Statement Pieces

Yellowheart Wood Bow Tie w/ Rustic Grey Fabric

Nothing says you’re a man with a plan quite like a bow tie! These iconic abettor not not over saturated like wallets, watches, cuff links or other men’s accessories are.  A man with a bow tie will always stand out from the crowd. Plus it’s hard to screw up a bow tie. Even if you dress like Screech from Saved By The Bell, hipsters will assume you’re being ironic.

4. When Someone Ties Your Bow

Wenge Wood Bow Tie w/ Checkered Fabric

There’s something about a bow tie that makes people want to touch you. Seriously! If you’ve never stood in front of a mirror with a bow tie in one hand and a gorgeous girl behind you then you’re missing out life’s magic moments. Add this sexy set up to your date night to get things going before you leave the house. She’ll love helping you as much as you will!

5. They Look Good Undone

Jobillo Wood Bow Tie w/ Stripe Down Fabric

While we often think of bow ties in their classic done state, let them come undone for a casual look. Whether it’s the end of a long night or you’re just feeling relaxed, bow ties are the only accessory that look good when they’re not trying. That makes them intrinsically cool to us! Undoing a bow tie in front of your date is also a great signal you’re ready to take things to the next level…

6. Iconic Legends Love Them

Redheart Wood Bow Tie w/ Canary Yellow Fabric

From James Bond to Dr. Who, the bow tie has been a firm favorite with some of histories most famous and successful men. It’s not a coincidence that these men favor the humble bow tie. They understand the power behind these accessories. When you wear a bow tie you exude a confidence that’s hard to knock.

7. They Make You Feel Good

Redheart Wood Bow Tie w/ Canary Yellow Fabric

Quite simply, we love bow ties because they make us feel good. Unlike hats that can mess up your hair, watches that annoy us, or wallets that are never seen, this is one accessory you can flaunt in style. If you’re not big into accessories, you may find a companion in bow ties due to their low maintenance, easy to wear fashion.

8. Bow Ties Are a Talking Point

Jobillo Wood Bow Tie w/ Stripe Down Fabric

Similarly, if you love to flaunt your sense of fashion then chances are you already have a dozen bow ties. Switch things up with new styles regularly to keep your swag fresh, or find a color or fabric and make your signature mark. Either way, we bet you’ll become the topic of conversation, because who doesn’t love chin wagging about bow ties?

9. They Are As Unique as You Are

Wenge Wood Bow Tie w/ Light Green Fabric

Don’t stand for off the shelf accessories and risk running to someone wearing the same style. Choose a bow tie and take a rental suit to a new level. If you frequent formal affairs often, then choosing a unique bow tie will stop you from feeling like another invitee and more like the MVP! All of this and no risk of crash seasonal prints.

10. They Don’t Make Wooden Ties

Jabillo Wood Bow Tie w/ Checkered Fabric

Let’s face it, a wooden tie would run a high risk of impaling oneself, but that’s not the case with these awesome Sharp Bow Ties. Choose from a range of premium and exotic woods and fits to find your sharp style. Each bow tie is handcrafted and can be dressed up or down with a choice of stylish fabric. Ideal for any occasions, these also make for one cool gift!

Do you think bow ties are cool? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!