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Heineken Kicks Off Summer with New “CoolerPack”

To officially kick off summer, Heineken launched its new “COOLERPACK,” an engineered 18-pack cardboard packaging innovation that allows consumers to chill their Heineken by simply removing the top to their case, and adding ice. The COOLERPACK is the newest edition to the Heineken range, bringing convenience and occasion-based purchase choice […]

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Recipe Spotlight: The Georgia Mint Julep

A uniquely American cocktail made of mint, sugar, bourbon and ice, the Mint Julep has been the official cocktail of the Kentucky Derby since 1938. But before the Civil War made foreign products like Cognac hard to come by in the South, Mint Juleps were in fact made with the […]

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I’m Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a Twist

March 17th is quickly approaching, and worldwide, people will celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland in what must be the most globally popular National day, anywhere. St Patrick’s Day originated in the 17th Century as a Christian feast day, but the celebrations have evolved into food, drinks, and the wearing […]