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SuperME — Uncover The Hero Within

SuperME was developed by designer Daphne Kaufer. The inspiration for SuperME came from her own children Adam and Anna, who love dressing up and playing superheroes. Daphne wanted to create a line of functional superhero inspired products that are fun to play with and reflected the uniqueness of each child in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Daphne has a BA in Architecture from the University of Cardiff, Wales and AA in Footwear and Accessories Design from FIDM Los Angeles. Her passion has always been designing for kids, she loves to invent fresh solutions that add a fun twist to everyday products and activities. Her designs have a clean modern aesthetic presenting bold colors and using innovative materials and details.   Daphne previously had a successful children’s footwear line called DaphDaph SF, known for its high quality shoes and innovative design. The shoes were sold in over 15 countries and were featured in many international runways and magazines including the Italian Vogue Bambini.

Photo credit: superME

The SuperME cape backpack came about when Daphne’s son asked her for a superhero backpack.  Not wanting to buy him the standard, commercial product that was then only available Daphne made him the first cape backpack – making him his own superhero! This first prototype became the foundation to a whole new line of other unique SuperME products.

Inspired by the traditional Girls and Boys Scout achievement patches, Daphne came up with the SuperME shield shaped patches as an easy way to personalize each of our products and use them interchangeably. SuperME helps encourage children to be proud of who they are and be accepting of others. SuperME donates a portion of all its proceeds to support PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center because we believe that ‘The End of Bullying Begins with You.’

SuperME products are designed in San Francisco, and manufactured to the highest quality standards in Taiwan at an ISO 9001 certified, family-owned and operated factories.

The secret powers of SuperME:


  • Encourage freedom of thought and expression by teaching kids to develop their own identity!
  • Promotes self confidence by offering kids special powers to save the day!
  • Go beyond being functional; They mysteriously become kids’ favorite companion!
  • Super durable powers our products are made to last throughout many exciting adventures and travels.
  • Teach our kids to be kind to the environment. All of our products are made of environmentally friendly materials and are 100% safe.

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