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What Scares Men — How to Outsmart Your Demons

Want to freak out your friends this Halloween?  As them if they ever think about going bankrupt.  If finances doesn’t get their hearts racing then romance will.  And in most cases, getting older makes all our bone(r)s quiver in fright.  Yes, most men have at least one fear that keeps them up (or flaccid) at night.  Yet, studies show that men are not worried about what they say, but rather what they mean.  It’s shadow monsters that lurk behind these common ideas that are really to blame — like suspense in a slasher movie!

Male Standard teamed up with Men’s Health to debunk the top three fears men have, and why these are such powerful triggers.  Keep reading to discover simple ways to tackle those all important demons holding you back!

Do I Make Enough Money?

Money matters, but it isn’t all about the cash.  It’s what cash represents.  Perceived value is a scary demon that all men face throughout their lives.   It’s the small voice at the back of your mind that double checks the price of meals in a restaurant when you should be eyeing your date, or how you feel trading in your old car (did you miss out on a big promotion this year?)  How much you make determines pretty big factors in your life, and not hitting your own or societys expectations can be terrifying – like having no 401k!

How to fight your fear: like the monster under your bed, this fear comes from the lack of control.  Do not hide from your finances or even your debts.  Book an appointment with your bank manager and ask for helping assessing your living expenses.  This fear becomes instantly more manageable when you own up to the reality.

Am I Meeting my Potential?

What Scares Men — How to Outsmart Your Demons

If you have ever wondered what mark you will leave on this world, you are not alone.  One of the biggest fears men have is that they did not use their time here to the fullest.  As we get older, time seems to escape us, and it won’t be long until we are looking back thinking that youth is wasted on the young.  Unlike other fears, this one is tricky because it really has no boundaries.  The answer lies in how you perceive your value and what you are doing.

How to fight your fear:  be honest with yourself and look to see if you are following the ‘win, win, win’ formula.  This is where you help you, your circles, and your community.  Many men are satisfied at home and at work, without realizing that sense of loss comes from not giving back.  Community and charity go hand in hand with a happy life and a happy wife!

Am I Getting Old?

Unlike women, there is no sexual rebirth, no multiple orgasms, no young hot gardeners to look forward too.  As men age, depression kicks in as the reality that a man’s body goes downhill quickly.  From the first grey hairs to putting on 20 pounds, men fear getting old and becoming unwanted and unneeded by women.  Being fazed out is such a powerful fear that midlife crisis are far more than a cliche and are a very real fear gone wild.

How to fight your fear: talk to your wife, lover, or doctor.  Depending on how you feel about aging, one of these people will be able to help you see that getting older has it’s perks and is not as bad as we think.  From coping mechanisms to changing up your routine or even starting a T-Booster there are many practical ways to combat aging.  Although none is more potent than letting it go!

What are your fears, and how do they compare to what’s haunting other men? Leave a comment below and let us know!