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How To Organize & Create Discipline: An A–to–Z Guide to an Organized Existence

There are more parts of life that need to be organized than ever before.  No longer just junk drawers and closets; now electronics, inboxes, garages, sex toys, relationships, calendars, passwords, money and more all need attention, space and a way to be accounted for. No one knows this better than Justin Klosky, founder of The O.C.D. Experience and author of the new book ORGANIZE & CREATE DISCIPLINE: An A-to-Z Guide to an Organized Existance (Avery Books, January 2014, Hardcover, eBook).

At a young age, Justin Klosky was diagnosed with OCD and ADHD.  He found comfort in counting the holes in the screen door at his parent’s house.  When his parents went on vacation, instead of playing games and watching TV, he occupied his time with reorganizing their entire house from top to bottom. Klosky figured out a way to channel his OCD tendencies into a successful business: The O.C.D. Experience, Klosky’s organizing company, can cost hundreds of dollars an hour for the same advice that is handily distributed in ORGANIZE & CREATE DISCIPLINE – in easy-to-follow A-to-Z format covering everything from Accounting to Ziploc bags.

ORGANIZE & CREATE DISCIPINE follows Justin’s conviction that individuals can take back control from the growing mass of goods and information that overwhelm our everyday lives to create balance, peace of mind, and improved productivity. Readers will learn how to create (over) systems to organize everything from laundry to legal documents, shoes to toys, kitchen drawers to an overflowing email inbox. He shares his unique advice and tricks for organizational success so that readers can create a customizable plan for achieving their own organizational bliss.

As Klosky says in his introduction:

Organization the O.C.D. way isn’t just physically organizing your belongings and attachments: it’s identifying what you truly need in your life to make you more productive…Ask yourself: Why do I have this? What purpose does it serve in my life?

Encouraging readers to go digital – scan everything and back it up on the cloud or a hard drive, followers of ORGANIZE & CREATE DISCIPLINE can learn how to go virtually paperless, cut down on clutter, and never worry about where they left their keys. Everything will have its place and ultimately productivity, health and happiness can improve. ORGANIZE & CREATE DISCIPLINE creates a customizable organization plan for everyone.


An A-to-Z Guide to an Organized Existence

By Justin Klosky with Arthur Gradstein

Foreword by Bryce Dallas Howard

Avery | On-Sale: January 2014| Hardcover | eBook





About the Author:

A professional organizer to high-profile personal and corporate clients nationwide, Justin Klosky launched his successful business, The O.C.D. Experience, after coming to terms with his obsessive-compulsive disorder. A former actor on The Guiding Light, he divides his time between Los Angeles and New York City.


About Avery:

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