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Men’s Rhinoplasty – A New Boom For Men

The never ending debate over whether cosmetic surgery is necessary continues as Male Standard asks whether the increase in men opting for Rhinoplasty (nose job) is out of vanity or necessity. Rhinoplasty was originally used as a cure for breathing problems that, due to the rough and tumble of the typical male life, were often the result of school-yard fights and sporting accidents. However, nose jobs can also be performed purely for the reason of improving one’s appearance, and with more young people opting to play sports on games consoles it seems more likely that more and more men are having Rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons.

There should be no stigma attached to having a ‘nose job’ though, as many people whose noses may be misshapen or unusually big are often the butt of jokes, not only in childhood but adulthood as well. As the nose is the central feature of the face, it is hard to draw attention away from one that stands out as unusual. Many people who fall into that category suffer from low self-esteem because of it. Typical people who decide to have Rhinoplasty are those whose noses tend to make their faces look asymmetric, or those who want to make it narrower or shorter. If you are one of these people, rest assured you are not on your own in feeling this way.

There are some common risks involved in Rhinoplasty surgery, as men have tougher bones than women, there may be a little more nasal trauma and more swelling throughout the recovery period. The recovery period, as for women, will be between two and three weeks, whilst the actual surgery takes about two hours and is done under general anaesthetic. Rhinoplasty is also second on the list of popular cosmetic procedures according to, as it does not affect the skin’s appearance and leaves no visible scars.

Men’s Rhinoplasty Before and After

It is impossible to pinpoint a price for Rhinoplasty as everyone’s desires and needs differ, but, if you are considering undergoing the procedure, it is a good idea to arrange a free, no obligation consultation with a qualified doctor.