Men's Style

The Harper from Goorin Bros. & I.W. Harper

When it comes to top shelf bourbon, I.W Harper has already done a stand up job of reintroducing gentlemen to a classic American palette. Their Kentucky Straight is a 15 year old bourbon that put I.W Harper on the mouths of connoisseurs across the country. However, this is just the beginning of a greater vision. Next, the distiller has its eye on reintroducing America to it’s fashionable roots, namely, by reintroducing the classic fedora felt hat. At the start of the 20th century, it was rare to see a man without a hat, and none seemed more popular than the fedora. The fedora reached its peak post-prohibition and was synonymous with masculinity. In the 1950’s businessmen would enjoy sipping on straight bourbon sporting their felt fedoras.

Over the past 30 years, we’ve seen the fedora take on a hipster vibe, with the Tom Waits wannabes wearing them, but the truth is, these hats are extremely forgiving and look great on most guys. The trick to finding the perfect hat is all in the make and fit. Not any hat off the shelf will look good. I. W Harper understands that timeless style requires craftsmanship, and partnered with Goorin Bros to design the ultimate fedora. This a means quality felt, with a wide brim, with a signature whiskey color band. This is a limited edition release and features I.W Harper’s “Bowing Man” on the interior.

Last week they held a tasting of the two new bottlings, the I.W. Harper Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($35) and the limited edition I.W. Harper 15-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey ($75), along with a fitting of the new hats at the Goorin store in New York’s West Village. The hat’s beautifully made of heavy felt, and I’ll definitely give it a run this winter. It’ll be available nationwide at Goorin Bros. locations and online this holiday season (starting in November) for $160.

You can find this fedora at Goorin Bros for a limited time. It currently retails for $160 and is available in S-XL sizing.