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AXE Hair Celebrity Groomer Amy Komorowski Reveals How to Achieve a Street Style

Street style is just as iconic as the red carpet and is considered the birthplace of the hottest runway trends. We’re taking it to the streets to learn more about these iconic styles, where they come from, and to help learn how to recreate them at home. Join Male Standard as we quiz AXE Hair Celebrity Groomer Amy Komorowski (her A-list client roster includes Adam Driver, Eddie Redmayne, Justin Timberlake, Aziz Ansari and more).

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What projects have you been working on recently that excite you?

Most days excite me, that’s one of the reasons I decided to become a freelance men’s groomer. Every day is something different, and I get to work with dynamic and talented people. One day I could be getting a client ready for a premiere, and the next shooting a commercial.

What hairstyles do you predict will be big this fall/winter?

We’re still seeing barber styles like fades, undercuts and buzz cuts but I also see a trend towards longer, shaggier cuts…very 70’s inspired.

How can men create a versatile street style look for every day?

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A cut where you keep a bit of length on top will always give you more versatility. You could wear it more textured, messy or give yourself a part and wear it in a classic side part style.

What products can men use to achieve these styles?

A lot of products can achievea versatile street style look, but I likeAXE Messy Look Flexible Pastefor an undone, and “messy look” andAXE Clean Cut Look High Shine Gelfor a classic side part, more refined look.

Do you have any styling tips for men who want a red-carpet ready look?

Finding and using at least one hair product that is right for your hair type and the style you want to achieve. Also, to really get that stylized look I recommend using a hair dryer for volume, hold, texture or to distribute product evenly. You can find out what products are best for your hair type

Do you have any secret behind the scenes hair care hacks?

I like to start combing pomade or applying pomade at the back of the hair and work forward on a slicked back or classic side part style. Especially hair that is thicker, coarse or pin straight. It provides a smooth finish with staying power.

Do you have any favorite styling products you’re using a lot?

I’m loving the AXE Hair pomades like theClean Cut Look Classic Pomadeand theSmooth Look Shine Pomade. They’re versatile for most hair types, too!

What do you never go to the studio without?

Well, I carry about 40 lbs. of grooming products every day, but I can never be without a paste, pomade, comb and a hairdryer.

What’s your “Male Standard?”

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

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