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5 Tips for Handling Work Stress

The pressures of work can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially during busy periods or when your company is going through a period of uncertainty that is outside your control. Sometimes this stress is manageable, and if you can take on a little extra work for a week to catch up then […]


A Gentleman’s Guide To Vaping

Back then, men were considered macho when they held a massive cigar in one hand and a glass of booze in the other. They think it’s cool to smoke in front of their friends and watch the top of the cigarette glow. But, as the years have gone, gentlemen seem […]


A Guy’s Guide To Giving Flowers

While many would often resort to give materialistic things or convey emotions through words, the simplest and purest form to express love and affection is by giving flowers to your loved ones. They may wither and wilt, but the memory of that moment when you give flowers will stay in […]