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Health & Fitness

10 Health Benefits of Swimming

Most of us go in the swimming pool or the sea when we are on holiday to cool off from the sun and to have fun, but have we ever considered the health benefits of swimming? This article will provide 10 benefits of swimming and why it is good to […]


Bad habits you can give up for Lent

Lent – the six-week period leading up to Easter and a key time in the Christian calendar. During this period, many Christians will commit to either fasting or giving up certain luxuries in life in order to pay tribute to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who, according to the Bible, […]

Men's Lifestyle

Tips To Impress Her On A First Date

Do you think she’s worth having? If yes, then you have to impress her on your first date. Otherwise, you’ll blow your chances of a second and third date. Many guys try too hard to impress a girl on the first day. They’ll think of the “coolest” quips that will […]

Outdoor, Travel

What Is Gap Insurance And How Does It Work?

When it comes to driving in the UK, motorists know they need to get insurance. However, are they fully aware of all the types of insurance options out there? All the stats point to no, which is why we’ve decided to highlight Gap Insurance below. What is Gap Insurance? This is the […]

Men's Hairstyles

The Complete Guide to Taper Fade Haircuts

Over the century, haircuts have changed massively, with male grooming increasing. Previously we would go to the barbers and spend more time sat in the waiting area to get a number 1 or 2. Nowadays, we spend the majority of the time in the chair getting a form of artwork […]