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The Best Dandruff Shampoo For Men

Are you prone to a dry, itchy scalp? Maybe you suffer from unsightly flakes occasionally, or are one of thousands of men who are plagued by consistent dandruff? You might have a recurring situation, or suddenly find yourself flaking, but the results are all the same. What’s even worse is that just because you are a man, your chances of having dandruff at least once in your life are automatically significantly higher!

No one digs dandruff, that’s a fact, but did you know those common white flakes could actually be a sign of a serious and undiagnosed medical condition? That’s right; dandruff is the red flag that your head is crying out for help, and needs assistance immediately. You should never “put up” suffering from dandruff, you must find the best dandruff shampoo for men to help alleviate the symptoms and control the damages.

Why You Must Choose a Medicated Dandruff Shampoo for Men

Dandruff shampoos contain a specific formula that are suited toward most hair types, look out for the men’s ones in particular (we’ll look at why in a moment), and are often medicated to get to the root of the problem. Rather than hoping it will go away, regular shampoos are created to clean hair and won’t be equipped to factor in sensitive skin complaints, so you’ll either prolong the itching and the flaking, or, serve to make the embarrassing situation worse.

What you might not know, and this is pretty gross, is that dandruff is now thought to be caused by a fungus (Malassezia) rather than dry skin (which is a by-product), and just like hair lice, they love clean healthy hair, so your chances of avoiding dandruff forever is becoming minimal. If a feeding frenzy takes place, making my hair itch just thinking about this, then your skin tries to defend itself by over-producing skin cells – these are the flakes. Malassezia can also affect other areas of the body, and may be misdiagnosed as eczema or dermatitis.

So why should you consider investing a male dandruff shampoo? Well, as each person has their own unique hair type, so do men and women have specific needs. You might notice this if you’ve ever tried to grow your hair out and wondered why it’s never as long, glossy, or healthy as women. Men typically have drier hair with less oil production; it’s just how we are. What you can do is find a formulated product that won’t irritate or further “knock-out” the balance of your hair while it tried to eradicate the Malassezia.

The Top Five Best Dandruff Shampoo for Men

So now that we know why we have to get rid of dandruff, there’s a lurking fungal infection in the mix waiting to compromise the situation, what is the best dandruff shampoo for men? Here are the official Male Standard top five reviews, if you have one that works best for you that we didn’t mention, comment below so we can investigate. The great part about dandruff shampoo is that you can use it all year round as a preventative action without worrying about your hair quality.

So let’s look at the options:

1. Clear Men’s Scalp Therapy Clean & Refresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Clear Men’s Scalp Therapy Clean & Refresh Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is a great drug store choice – meaning it’s cheap (under $5), and you can find it just about anywhere, and has a lots of added extras included to help restore and manage dandruff ridden hair. Ginseng, Tea Tree Oil, and natural mint are all beneficial ingredients that are natural.

Note: If you’ve ever wondered why many men’s dandruff shampoos are always minty fresh; there’s your answer! The mint increases the PH levels of your scalp to a reasonable range for healthy hair, and the Malassezia don’t appreciate the intervention and recede. If you’ve ever had dandruff, used a dandruff shampoo, stopped, then wondered why it came back; logic tells us that you lowered the PH and welcome them back into your home and head.

2. Jackberry Antidandruff Shampoo 

The Jackberry Antidandruff Shampoo is a unique, and slightly more upscale, product that contains Jackberries which are sourced from Africa and are said to reduce the amount of oil production (while protecting and nourishing your hair). While this will run you around $30 a bottle, London salon prices, you should consider Jackberry if you naturally have oily hair or experience excessive oils during an outbreak to help you look and feel more confident while it works. The great thing we love about this one is that it is one of few men’s dandruff shampoos that don’t contain mint but still work; so if you have a mint allergy or just don’t want to smell like peppermint all day, there are choices.

3. Head and Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men 2 in 1

Head and Shoulders have been the go-to people for dandruff products since many of us were even born, and for great reason. Their products work and actually improve your hair quality and lessen flakes from the first wash. When they revised their Endurance formula, we weren’t sure what to expect but they came out on top with a specific formula for men that works exceptionally well, possibly even too well (you might want to consider or let your spouse know that this will strip hair color). If you want an advanced formula that has long-lasting action, this is a great choice. Perks also included adding thickness to thinning hair, and suitable PH levels for everyday use.

4. Suave Professionals men 3 in 1 Hair and Body Wash

Not be outdone, Sauvé introduced a God sent to the male grooming world; a professional 3 in 1 that acts as a shampoo, conditioner, dandruff controller, and body wash (so really, shouldn’t that be 4 in 1?). The citrus scent is a welcome break once again from the minty fresh but works on the same founding principles; lemon extract raises the PH levels and kisses goodbye to any lingering Malassezia. It’s also made in the USA, and salon approved!

5. TiGi Bed Head for Men Clean Up Daily Shampoo

We love TiGi products, and that this one is less than ten bucks! With added lemongrass, saw palmetto and sunflower seeds, this will help you thicken thinning hair, while keeping it clean and free from dandruff for the long run. The packaging also looks great and doesn’t advertise your dandruff to the world, which is a massive plus in our books. While we appreciate clear and concise labeling, dandruff shampoos is probably one you won’t want sitting in the shower day to day.

Which Do You Think is the Best Dandruff Shampoo for Men?

So now you’ve seen the top five picks, it’s time to make the call. You should aim to wash your hair once a day while treating dandruff from the source, and take preventive measures such as continuing with the same brand over the duration to ensure it doesn’t come back. Shampoo really is the best course of treatment, but if for some bizarre reason this doesn’t help, then it is best to talk with a doctor, as you may need further treatment.