Males tend to joke about how long a woman takes to get ready when they groom themselves, but in reality male grooming is becoming more and more common. For some, male grooming is a sacred routine they enjoy thoroughly. The term “metro-sexual” was developed to categorize males that take their grooming seriously and spend a large amount of time, effort and money to look the way they look. However, there are certain male grooming kit essentials that most men use in their daily grooming process that are worth highlighting. Take a look at these male grooming tips.

The Shaver

Probably the most common to all is the shaver. Whether disposable, cartridge, or electric, shavers are the most essential male grooming tool in the working man’s grooming toolkit. A clean shave is appealing, and most women would agree is enjoyable to the touch.

Hairstyling Products

Hairstyles are as particular to males as they are for women. And to achieve the right look, unless a man has a clean shaven head (more power to the shaver), the next most essential male grooming tips are hairstyling products. Some males rely on combs, others on hair gel, mousse or hairspray. But in the end, a man’s hair is his “presentation card”. Some women rely on the hairstyle to read a man’s personality and character even before they get close enough for conversation.


Once up close and personal though, more than a man’s looks, it’s the smell that counts. No woman or man can honestly say they do not mind if a man smells bad. That is why another essential male grooming tool is cologne. Whether it is a body spray or a more refined perfume, every respectable grooming kit has one. The key to a good impression is the sum of all parts, and smell may be one of the most influential.

Detailing Items

Do not forget though the additional “detailing” items which could be considered more as hygiene than grooming. Toothbrush, nail clippers, nose hair clippers, nail files and cuticle trimmers are all essential to the complete male grooming kit. A healthy man that takes care of his personal hygiene definitely gets noticed and has doors opened for him. A man that just masks his hygiene with looks does not have a good future in relationships, especially when it comes to women. The key to a woman’s attention is based on looks, but the lasting impression has to satisfy all of her senses.

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