Last week, those of you who follow my Instagram know that I took off into the desert for a little off-road action. What you might not know is why I was hauling two Polaris RZRs at one time or what it has to do with the upcoming 2018 Chevrolet Tahoe. Allow me to fill you in and let you know what we got up to in the desert on this thrillseekers trip!

Chevy invited me to check out their new Tahoe, and to learn more about their towing capability: the Tahoe is actually an RST or Rally Sports Truck and is perfect for our destination – the Las vegas desert. To get the party started, I was picked up from the airport in a 2018 Tahoe, and we drove to the Wynn hotel on the Vegas Strip.

Putting the 2018 Tahoe to the Test

That night, I went out for dinner and met up with “my crew,” who would be joining me on our off-road trip. We were invited to put the towing capability to the test the following morning. The towing challenge took place further up The Strip, and we arrived at a display of Tahoe’s lined up waiting for us.


Each Tahoe was hooked up to a trailer, which had either one or two Polaris RZRs on the back – from there, we were paired with a driving buddy, and got to tow the RZRs into the desert. I also got a backpack of goodies and was excited to throw on my shades to see where the day would take me. The ride out was super comfortable, and I even forgot we were towing!

The Tahoe is powerful. The ride is smooth and feels extremely light. In fact, it doesn’t feel any different than driving a regular car, except I would catch glimpses of our load in my rearview mirror. We arrived in the desert and unloaded the RZRs. From there, we hit the trail and had a blast making light work of the dunes.

Off-Roading in a Chevy Tahoe

One tip I’d pass along for anyone getting into off-roading is to hang back on the trial if you’re in convoy, so you can have fun catching up. Throughout the ride, my driving buddy and I found ways to keep pushing our experience. We were in a convoy with the  other riders as well, and used radios to communicate what was coming next – the RZRs were a lot of fun!


About halfway through our day, we paused to eat and stopped at an authentic Saloon that still had the original bullet holes from the 1900s. We took a bunch of photos and replayed the highlights from our trial. I had never considered myself an off-roader, but as we sat replaying the dips and curves, covered in dust and dirt, I knew the desert has something for everyone.

After lunch, we were excited to get back out on the trail, and we decided to take a different trip back to the parked Tahoe’s. As I was driving back to the hotel, I was thinking about how cool it was able to haul these big toys into the desert, all while sitting in the lap of luxury. I towed the RZRs back to their homes and could see myself hitting the trail again soon.

To find out more about the Chevy Tahoe’s towing power, and other specs, make sure you check out this exclusive release. Many thanks to Chevy and Polaris for an unforgettable weekend in Vegas!

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