Introducing Your Exclusive Chance to #AskMaleStandard!

Have you ever wanted to know what’s REALLY on a woman’s mind? Guys are simple, give us food, respect, sex and we’re happy. But women are a completely different story. They are a much more complex creature. To help, is launching our #AskAWoman feature.




Here’s your chance to get ‘Inside’ information from the gorgeous women of Male Standard. We get the lucky opportunity to interview Actresses, Models and inspirational women. Now is your chance to join in on the fun.


Have You Ever Wanted to Know…


  • What’s the first thing a woman notices in a man?
  • How can you really get her in to bed?
  • Do looks really matter that much?
  • Do women really like jerks?
  • Why do nice guys finish last?
  • Thinking of trying a new hairstyle? Send a pic and we’ll get you the answers
  • What’s a great drink to order a woman at a bar?


Here’s How it Works


Fill out the form below and ask your question. Each week, one question will be selected and answered by a Male lady.




If your question is chosen, we’ll send you some Male Standard goodies. So what are you waiting for? Ask away!


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