Picture this: What if Google headquarters suddenly became a fitness company? Tucked in the town of Cesena, in east Italy, lives the Technogym Village, also known as ‘the world’s healthiest place to work’. Born out of a garage in 1983, Technogym is the manufacturer of luxury and high-tech fitness equipment made for the modern era; the smart-phones of treadmills. Male Standard got the opportunity to visit the company’s headquarters and experience first-hand what it’s like to live a day in the life of an employee at the company that encompasses what founder Nerio Alessandri calls the Wellness Lifestyle.


Fellow bloggers testing out the Technogym Equipment
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The Technogym Village Gym

No one sits on a desk chair. Oh, no, no. At Technogym Village, everyone sits on fitness balls, to support their core and back. The coffee and break rooms come standard with treadmills and a score board depicting the latest running stats from the staff. Lunch is provided in a restaurant using locally-sourced ingredients. Of course, there is a gym provided for staff, overlooking beautiful green hills, complete with personal training services and the latest equipment from Technogym’s various lines. Within the T-Wellness Garden exists running and biking paths, green-houses, and a basketball and volleyball court.

The Technogym Village
The Technogym Village
T Restaurant
T Restaurant

At Technogym University, ideas and thoughts are shared through multimedia and can reach millions. It is also home to the T-Wellness Institute, where doctors, scientists, researchers and engineers collaborate to develop new ideas. At the T-Wellness Science Center, the extensive research required to develop Technogym’s high-end products is carried out, and at T-R&D, the 130 engineers and designers that make up the Research and Development team work on the latest concepts.

Manufacturing Facility
Manufacturing Facility

Technogym has been the official fitness equipment sponsor of the last five Olympic Games, and will be for Rio in 2016. In a 2012 interview, Allesandri discussed the impact he hoped to make on citizens with Technogym’s partnership with the Olympic Games. “They want to use the momentum of the Olympics to communicate the values of physical exercise to the population,” said Alessandri. “The pledge campaign is basically a social campaign to communicate wellness. Athletes will invite all of the population to make a pledge to improve their lifestyle,” he added.

Testing the Technogym Equipment
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The Wellness Lifestyle


Technogym Village was born to act as a reflection of the company’s culture and values. Every employee lives and breathes the Wellness Lifestyle. From the fitness ball chairs to granola bars at every desk, it’s all meant to convey this discipline. Allesandri has made sure that every employee is a living representation of this Wellness Lifestyle, and we here at Male Standard have definitely been influenced to step up our game and jump on the Wellness Lifestyle bandwagon. What about you?


Learn more about the Technogym Wellness Village.

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