Disclaimer: My deepest gratitude to Hofsas House for inviting me to stay for the weekend. I loved every moment. All opinions are 100% my own.


If you think you have seen everything California has to offer, think again. I recently stumbled across one of the most beautiful hidden gems tucked away in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Hofsas House is takes six decades of tradition, and turns it into an experience that will truly relax you. The old-fashioned, European-style Inn is as charming as the small town it neighbors and is within walking distance of everything a couple or their wedding party would need to make incredible memories.


To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Hofsas House, I was invited to stay for a long weekend to take in the view that so many have seen before me. Keep reading to find out what my wife and I got up to, and why I would love to revisit this charming retreat again. If you want all the convenience of modern day (WI-FI, pool access in Carmel), without sacrificing the Bohemian vibe of this quaint country town, Hofsas House might be the perfect weekend destination for you!


The History of Hofsas House


Hofsas House is a four story Bavarian-inspired boutique Inn nestled in Carmel-by-the-Sea. It was founded by Donna Hofsas and her then husband, and became their mainstay while married. However, Ms. Hofsas went on to oversee and live in the Inn independently in the 1960’s, until her granddaughter, with whom she was close, became the general manager in 2000. Understanding the ownership of the property gives you a real sense of what to expect, which is a deeply personal and intimate stay.


Hofsas House Invited Me to Celebrate 60 Years of Hospitality
Hofsas House Invited Me to Celebrate 60 Years of Hospitality


From the cottage Ms. Hofsas and her husband resided, to the individually decorated rooms, Hofsas House is a dream come true. Ms. Hofsas built the house, with the aid of designer Robert Stean, and even fought with the Carmel Planning Commission to have the house executed exactly as she envisioned. In the walls you’ll find art; everything from a Bavarian mural to a coat of arms; all handpicked. Room 9/10, the martial abode, is still available to guests, as are three additional cottages.


Hofsas House Invited Me to Celebrate 60 Years of Hospitality


What stood out for me, though, was not the unique décor, or the charming Bavarian theme, but the sheer hospitality. Hofsas House feels less like a hotel and more like visiting a dear aunt. You immediately feel at home, even though it is not your home. The charm is palatable. The weekend was incredibly idyllic, relaxing, and less me with time to take in the spectacular views. I also took part in the Wine Walk, which is within walking distance of the Inn.


Hofsas House Celebrates Family Values


If you’re looking for a charming and serene weekend away, I highly recommend checking into Hofsas House. You could easily stay within the European inspired walls, but adventurists will enjoy walking into the small town of Carmel. My wife and I enjoyed walking on the beautiful beach, dining out at the many top restaurants, and thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rich history of wine making during our wine tasting excursion.


Hofsas House Invited Me to Celebrate 60 Years of Hospitality
Hofsas House Invited Me to Celebrate 60 Years of Hospitality


Hofsas House is also available for weddings and events, and would be the perfect location for romantic couples who want friends and family to stay nearby. The Inn offers a Continental breakfast, 38 one of a kind rooms (each is decorated independently), and a hospitality service befitting the most special day of your life. I would love to return for Valentine’s Day, or my anniversary; or really, anytime my wife and I want to spend a romantic weekend together.


My sincerest thanks go to Hofsas House for inviting us to be a part of their anniversary celebrations, I wish you every success and many more years of welcoming guests!  


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