I was recently asked if I had seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and I laughed; who hasn’t seen that movie? It’s a classic. Ferris plays hooky with his friends and decided to plan the perfect day. Of course, the movie is nothing without the allure of borrowing a race car, which is when Chevy asked me coolly, “Do you want to test drive our new 2017 Corvette Grand Sport?” My answer was easy; hell yeah, but only on one condition – I get to make like Bueller and bring my Pops along for the ride!

I think he’s ready! Vegas here we come #Vegas #Travel #TakingMyPops

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//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsA few days later, a new Grand Sport arrived at my driveway. My dad’s eyes lit up; it’s a head-turning car with ample curves and the signature side-profile you would expect of the classic Grand Sport but inside, we were greeted by a top-of-the-line command control center with modernized access to drive controls, entertainment options, and a luxurious take on what a sports interior can be. It all but begged us to take it out on the open road, and that is exactly what we did.

“If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.” — Ferris

We wanted to put the Corvette through its pace and opened her up across the desert as we made our way to Las Vegas. As we were driving, classic rock blasting, windows down, and huge grins on our faces, I realized something significant in that moment; I have never spent more than a few hours alone with my dad, and as we were driving, sitting in this gorgeous car, I realized there was no need for conversation or filler; we were totally taken in by the moment.


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An hour into the drive, we were in full road trip mode (albeit in the lap of luxury). We stopped thinking about work, all the responsibilities of our every day, and that’s when the conversation took a change of pace. My dad told me about how he and his dad bonded during a week on the road, and I couldn’t help but feel like he was telling me that now was our time. There’s something about the open road that can transport you to another place; here I was, hanging out with my dad, not stuck in another meeting.

In the spirit of Bueller, I wanted to treat my dad to a perfect day, which is why we started by driving the city limits to take in the sights. It was amazing seeing people’s heads turn as we drove into the Strip; this is one of those cars you wouldn’t want to try to pick up groceries in, everyone watching our every move, but we felt like celebrities as we rolled down the iconic Strip. Building  up an appetite, we decided to stop and grab an early dinner at one of my all-time favorite burger joints.

I had to do it! First stop is my favorite burger spot in the world #TheBurgerBar

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//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsWe then decided it was time to drop off the Grand Sport at the valet so we could hit a few slots, drink a few beers and let our hair down. It was crazy to think we had just driven out of LA. just a few hours ago – Vegas has a totally different vibe. I think my dad was perplexed as to how anyone could spent so much money on a burger, but I told him he just had to trust me. If you’re ever in Vegas, you have to hit up the Burger Bar – they have the best burgers, hands down.    Things between my dad and I were changing too. Instead of talking to him as I always have, as a man I have a deep and profound respect for, I found us making new ground and talking about anything and everything, and having fun. It was really cool just getting to hang out and shoot the breeze. It felt much less intimidating getting away for the day and in true Bueller mode, we decided to stay overnight so we could go a show with see Penn and Teller before heading back to our responsibilities.


Of course we can’t forget the ride! #Corvette #SuperSport #BadAss #TravelinginStyle


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If this weekend has taught me anything, it’s that spending time with my dad, hanging out, grabbing a beer or a bite to eat; those are memories you need to make time for, and the Corvette gave us that opening to make the most of a weekend as father and son. Sometimes it’s necessary to remind ourselves we need that time; So, I want to leave you with the wise words of Bueller himself: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.”

Now I’m raising the challenge to you; if you could take the day off in this Corvette, where would you go and who would you take with you? Let me know @MaleStandard! To book a test drive near you, please visit http://www.chevrolet.com/.   

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