With the plethora of products out there for the modern wet shaver, choosing the best mens shaving kit can be a daunting task. From all the different brands, to all the different types of products it’s enough to make a fellow grow a beard! (Okay, well, maybe not that bad…)

A shaving kit can be just the right solution to the problem. Containing products you need to start wet shaving, a kit can give you an initial product base and eliminate the headache of finding every cream, balm, scrub and brush to complete your shave. We here at MaleStandard have chosen some of our favorite shaving kits to share with you:


Art of Shaving - Mens Shaving Kit

1. The Art Of Shaving Full Size Kit $100

The Art of Shaving. As the name states, they are all about giving a great luxury shave. With this kit they certainly deliver! Full-size products and a great pure badger brush can be had for an even $100. These folks know shaving, and you won’t be disappointed. Choose from unscented, lemon, lavender, and sandalwood kits.


Men-U Shaving Kit

2. Men-U Shaving Set $99.98

Men-U. Perhaps one of the lesser-known shaving and men’s grooming product companies, Men-U has garnered praise and awards from magazines such as FHM and Men’s Health. A chrome stand and synthetic bristle brush (for the animal conscious readers out there!) start the kit followed by a face wash, shave cream, and moisturizer. All of these are shipped to you in a handy carrying case. Another great deal to get you started!


Bluebeards Revenge Gift Set

3. Bluebeard’s Revenge Gift Set $69.75

Bluebeard’s Revenge. The cream that took 2010 by storm, Bluebeard’s Revenge claims and supports superior shaving and beard reduction with consistent use! Specially designed for the gents with a heavier beard this set is an excellent way to take the plunge.

The gift set comes with a razor, brush, shave cream and post-shave balm, everything a fellow needs to start his wet shaving journey!


Edwin Jagger Gift Set

4. Edwin Jagger Gift Set $87.50

Edwin Jagger. A British company with a long history and great products behind their name, one of their most distinctive lines of products contains soothing Sea Buckthorn oil. Their products are also paraben and mineral oil free. A great scent, and choice for the discerning man!


Baxter Finlay 1-2-3

5. Baxter Finley Shave 1-2-3 $70

Baxter of California. Started in 1965, Beverly Hills, this company began as one man’s brainchild of protecting his skin against the California Sun. This collection contains the super close shave formula (a whopping 10 oz/300 ml bottle!), aftershave balm, and a beautiful well-crafted badger brush with the Baxter logo.



6. eShave Start Up Kit $40

eShave. Our next kit is a Men’s Health winner from 2010. The eShave kit contains pre-shave oil, shave cream, aftershave cream, a badger hair brush and a great toiletry bag. As with The Art of Shaving, they give you different scents to choose from: verbena lime, lavender, and white tea. This is a great cream and a great kit, well worth the investment!


Anthony Logistics Shave Kit

7. Anthony Logistics Shave Kit $30

Anthony Logistics. Known for their after shaves and skin toners, this relatively young company at just 10 years old has developed a very good reputation and loyal following in the wet shaving world. Anthony’s kit comes in a nice, see-through bag with pre-shave oil, facial scrub, shave cream and aftershave balm.


– Bonus Shaving Kit –

VenDerHagen Luxury Shave Kit8. VanDerHagen Luxury Shave Set

Van Der Hagen. Established over 100 years ago, Van Der Hagen provides inexpensive, yet good, wet shaving products for the cost minded shaver. Their previous kit cost under ten dollars but there is a new set to be released on March 24th.

It features a pure badger hair brush, acrylic brush stand, large mug with handle and hypo-allergenic shave soap featuring their windmill logo. If you’re a guy on a shoestring budget, this is definitely the kit for you!


Overall, these kits give a wide range of prices and products that are available for the modern wet shaver. Whether you want to go for the full size or a smaller trial kit, these companies and products won’t disappoint in giving you a great, smooth shave.

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